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Poems About: LIGHT

In this page, poems on / about “light” are listed.

  • 37.
    The Light

    The light we see mixed with the light we dont it intertwines with reality and a dream when reality is better then a dream you've seen the greatest light of all the light we all follow the light we use the light we thrive on the light we need to keep the earth green the way it was before we were here before humanity clean air green the greater light till now the light grows dimmer with each passing day the pollution the wars the factorys ruining read more »

    Peter Sponburgh
  • 38.
    OCD Girl

    Turn the bathroom light on.
    Go to the bathroom.
    Wash my hands.
    Dry my hands. read more »

    Kathy Lippard Cobb
  • 39.

    The light,
    is much more harder to obtain,
    than the dark,
    For light is balance, read more »

    Aamir Zain
  • 40.
    A ray of light! !

    A Ray of Light
    I opend up window in the moon light
    Moonfairy shining bright
    Giving up a ray of light read more »

    Somia Race
  • 41.
    Fly home

    Fly home there will be shine
    with bright orange light
    Fly home there will be sweet
    with bright orange light read more »

    see fee lee
  • 42.

    My heart no light,
    Your heart so bright,
    It's full of light,
    So pure white, read more »

    colinb bradley
  • 43.
    Why Are You Crying About Light?

    Beautiful, beautiful,
    light is most beautiful.
    Don't fear the lighting flash,
    beacause world's most beautiful thig is light. read more »

    Abhinav Ashish
  • 44.
    Waiting at the light™

    Waiting at the light

    Will you go or stay read more »

    Cyndal Hofeling
  • 45.
    07 Candle

    Candle I’m
    Dying for living creature
    Give for them, light of calm
    The light of my life read more »

    Akhil H Kumar
  • 46.

    Light-Light ever bright
    Flood my every pore
    Banish the black of night
    From my very core read more »

    Ray Lucero
  • 47.
    There Was a Heart that Burnt Out: Light

    There was a heart that burnt out: light
    Light O god, O god light

    Flower, perfume, stars, breeze: light
    These are your names, no matter how we shape you read more »

    Noshi Gilani
  • 48.
    Hit The Lights

    Just woke up
    Can't believe I'm still alive
    I'm in this world full of memories
    Don't be scared read more »

    Tammi Celina Lyons
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