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Poems About: LIGHT

In this page, poems on / about “light” are listed.

  • 13.
    A Step

    On the other side of darkness, far away there shines a light,
    A light to end all sorrow,
    A light to be ever free,
    A light for a new tomorrow read more »

    Raja Sivaji
  • 14.
    Defining the Indefinable Light

    As I inched away from your love
    I walk into darkness of a deep sea,
    Enveloped in dark clouds,
    Layer upon layer of waves read more »

    Frank Lisa IndiRa Francesca Roger Platt Cornish Martin
  • 15.
    light's shadow

    read more »

    Nyein Way
  • 16.

    Light is so bright
    we need light all
    around the world
    we have light days and nights read more »

    tenneh passawe
  • 17.

    Lights, Lights, Oh Glorious Lights

    The suns, the stars, and all their satellites read more »

    Cody O'Hara
  • 18.
    Light Is

    Light is the breaking of dawn
    Light is the load when you are just born
    Light is a place without any fear
    Light is when your lover is near read more »

    David Taylor
  • 19.
    That One Far Shining Light Of Lights

    That One far shining light of lights
    Which lights the eyes of everyone.

    That One far shining light of lights read more »

    David Taylor
  • 20.
    the light

    The light shows you the way
    the light give you hope
    the light give you peace
    the light give you understanding read more »

    Gamar robinson
  • 21.

    Dreaming into the light
    embracing read more »

    Diana van den Berg
  • 22.

    Have you ever wounderd from where light came
    If the wondering of light is just a game
    If light is playing a trick on our eyes
    If light is just a bunch of lies read more »

    Samantha Ridley
  • 23.

    Strong light that bakes the earth,

    Soft light that makes long shadows, read more »

    Tai Loz
  • 24.
    ' Summer Light... '

    Summer Light -Thru the Trees
    Summer Light - Spotted Me
    Summer Light - Palest Gold
    Summer Light - Bright and Bold read more »

    MoonBee Canady
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