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Einstein May Have Been Wrong-What Does It Mean? - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

The news yesterday was that at Geneva an accelerator detected neutrinos moving at a speed exceeding that of light, a speed that Einstein and modern physics have for over a century said was impossible.

These results have to be independently verified by other labs and experimenters but, if they become verified, we are at a milestone in modern physics, in modern science and in our understanding of nature.

This would be comparable in my view to the paradigm shift when Galileo revealed the earth revolved around the sun not the other way around.

In the coming days I will explore the implications of all this and why you should care about this more than the price of tea.

First a summary for the hasty readers:
If true it means:
1-There was no big bang
2-There is no dark energy
3-There is no dark matter
4-Gravity is mis-understood
5-There is no expanding universe
6-The sun is not a nuclear reaction
7-CERN might be a dangerous project, too dangerous.
8- There is little understanding of how the universe works
9- The Standard Model of Physics is deeply flawed
10-That now a leading candidate for understanding the universe is 'The Plasma Theory of the Universe (See my blog on this)
11-That the University systems around the world have been ideology factories not true scientific investigators.
12- There are no black holes

Stay tuned tomorrow.
For background on all this see my blogs on this site:

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If you are really in a hurry read 'The Summary About Physics Theory Goes

For the news story click on the link below:

http: // 20110236.shtml

See the NY Times article on this below

http: // ref=science

Well first let’s look at the broad significance of this speed limit thing. Now the Physics establishment is pooh-poohing this finding as to be expected, their jobs and reputations are at stake.

But remember this experiment was not done once but 16,000 times. It may or may not hold up after scrutiny but the importance of the speed limit is not being discussed and that is what is important. So what is its importance?
Why did Einstein impose such a speed limit in the first place and why is everyone so upset that it might not be true?

Here's why my friends.

In the days when the first atomic bomb was being built to be dropped on Japan the major concern was that the atom, , once split would result in a chain reaction and no one knew if that might not mean that all of the world could be destroyed as a result. It was a big problem.

America dropped the bomb anyway and the tension was not around the damage it might do but around whether or not the explosion might not cause a chain reaction and continue in the atmosphere. First one went ok and the second one did as well.

Einstein enters this pre-dropp scenario because of his famous equation:

What this equation does and did was to offer reassurance that the bomb could be controlled and there would be no chain reaction. How?

Well what the equation does is state that the limiting factors in an atomic explosion are mass and the speed of light squared.

In other words the amount of energy you get can be controlled by the amount of mass you have and the total explosive power will only equal the speed of light squared.

Now Einstein won a Nobel Prize for his work with light so he had credibility in that area.

Second he postulated in the relativity theories that as an object approaches the speed of light its mass would have to increase to infinity and the amount of energy to propel an object beyond the speed of light would also have to be infinite.

Since this is impossible no object could exceed the speed of light.

Now dear reader you can see the implications of all this if the speed of light ideas are not true.

Here they are:

1-It means that if objects can exceed the speed of light there is a good chance that E=Mc2 is also false and that a chain reaction can indeed occur which will be uncontrollable. That is, tinkering scientists can destroy the planet.

2-Second notice that CERN has as it goal to propel objects to the speed of light now cannot reassure us that certain objects, like neutrinos will not in fact exceed the speed of light and things can go ka-boom.

CERN in light of this development will, in time, be seen as dangerous. Scientists want to down play the danger to keep their jobs.

3-If objects, under now unknown conditions, can exceed the speed of light we want to know what other objects can exceed this speed and with what results.

We know that black hole event horizon events can exceed the speed of light and they produce the most powerful explosions in the universe.

We don't want to create our own black hole explosion here on earth tinkering around with what we now know we only poorly understand.

There are many many more additional implications which are in the list of 12 identified above which we will go through systematically in the days ahead.

None of the news is good, so be warned.

But now by way of summary we need to begin to see the entire universe differently so as to be clear as the enormous forces of nature these scientists are tinkering with.

By way of preview: Think of the galaxy, ours, as a gigantic often unstable entity dominated by two huge magnetic clouds each 25,000 light years across around a center which is essentially a core created by two huge binary stars propelling charged particles millions of light years, often exceeding the speed of light all of this in ion orbits thousands of light years across.

The core of our galaxy which has been called a massive black hole is actually the center of a huge plasma structure z-pinching and producing gamma rays and cosmic rays which in turn in create stars destroy stars and affect every other star in the galaxy.

Stars are created by these massive electrical explosions and are what we now call super and hypernovas. But NASA people argue that stars collapsing due to gravity is the cause, but no, not gravity but electrical explosions very much like lightening on this planet are the real cause except they are happening in space.
The idea that the Universe is a gigantic dynamo is not new. Telsa built and demonstrated this principle early in the last century. Turns out he, not Einstein, may have been correct.

Now that is mouthful. More detail next time.

Comments about Einstein May Have Been Wrong-What Does It Mean? by Lonnie Hicks

  • Veteran Poet - 1,267 Points Ace Of Black Hearts (9/24/2011 10:14:00 AM)

    Wow you explain that topic very well.
    Most people couldn't do that...
    Do you excel at modern day physics?
    Do you teach physics?
    Or are you some kind of scientist in a field that uses physics?

    Regardless, thanks for the article. (Report) Reply

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