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To See What I See - Poem by Brian Flores

To see what I see; is something that I still don't know. I still don't know what I see. Do I see the injured past of mine, or do I see a light that comes from time to time in my life? But that light I see from time to time fades away very quickly. I think that the light that I see is my faith. Maybe my eyes are slowly getting blinded by the darkness that I still know. Maybe my eyes are telling stories, and I can’t understand. What does this light mean? Does it mean I still have faith in my hopes and dreams, or are my eyes just seeing things? Or maybe my eyes are just lying to themselves. Why do my eyes still see this light, if my eyes are so used to being in the darkest hour, no, the darkest lifetime? Why does it see light if it only saw the darkest, loneliest, painful, days, years? Why now, does it see light? Am I going insane, are my eyes failing me now? Is this a sign of something good coming towards my life, or is it a sign that my imagination is just looking for hope, or the help of something or someone? Lies come to mind when I see light, lies about my dreams, lies about my hopes, lies of friends, lies of family, lies. What if I trust this light that my eyes are seeing? Would it change my life or would it just fill me with more lies? Whatever this light means, I don't know why my eyes are seeing this. Maybe my heart is trying to tell my lights that love is coming soon. Or maybe my mind is telling me to keep my head up. Or are my eyes just trying to tell me that no matter what happens in life, the only thing i have is Faith and nobody can take that away from me. See what I see.

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