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Lyric-Lute [2] / By Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar - Poem by MAHENDRA BHATNAGAR


Far, from the sky, looking the Moon!

Being awakened, passed the mid-night,
But, couldn't express indistinct heart's desire,
With tearful eyes, looking the Moon!

Though, heart is appearing calm outwardly,
But within, is suppressed intense storm of youth,
Feeling the pain of separation, looking the Moon!

The smile is spreading in the whole sky,
But, how helpless, unfulfilled the yearning is,
With heavy body, looking the Moon!

 


As nearer I come to you, Moon
The more you move away, cautiously!

Tell me before, will you not let me reach?
Oh, say already, you will not accept my love,
The more I need you O, Moon!
The more you change and move away!

Will you not ever come in my lonely life?
Will not like smiling in bonds of love?
The more I try to bind you O, Moon!
The more restless you become and move away!

Why do you look continuously, standing,
from the above?
Why do you throw your silken well-arranged rays?
As soon as, I, the wretched entangled inadvertently,
In same manner, you the Simple one! move away!

 


Oh, Moon, you are stone-hearted!

There's no sense; loving you,
It's vain effort to persuade you,
It's useless to invoke one's tender feelings of life,
When you are not kind at all!

It's good for nothing to talk to you,
Only, passing the whole night awake,
Lethal, betraying, lie is your bond of love,
You want self-victory — that's all!

Self-absorbed, throwing the bright string,
What you see, at this side?
Supremo of Heaven! free inhabitant of the sky!
Oh, how does it concern you —
Whether there is creation or destruction?

Your attraction is not true,
Your showering love is not true,
True is not, your refreshing silvery smile on lips,
You are engrossed in yourself, at present!

 


Moon, you are not at all stony!

You have also a tender heart,
The affection is overflowing in full,
Very much emotional and agile, you are,
That's why, you are at close quarters, not outside the heart!

You are progressing on your path,
You are nourishing amidst storms,
You are facing the winters' cold, smilingly,
So, it is wrong to say, you are not a companion of man!

You are in the bonds of someone's love,
You are hope of somebody's life,
You are the tune of song in someone's heart,
The only regret is — Ah! you are not on the earth!

 


I know, I can't associate myself with this moon,
As she cannot move from heaven, even by omission!
Her steps always move on the sky,
She favours only the silvery world,
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!
Remember her again and again, don't know why!

I know this moon will not come in my arms,
Never, even by mistake, devote me,
Her imaginary world is everlasting,
It's beyond anybody's control, to seize her,
Don't know, why I show meaningless right, on such!
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!

I know, this moon, will not speak to me, in any manner,
Never will untie her heart's knot, even forgetfully,
Her eye-language is not easy,
Outright disappointment, in understanding her,
With her only, I behave so emotionally, don't know why!
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!

I know this moon is the worshipper of grandeur,
Is the roamer of charming, intoxicating, imaginative world,
And innumerable thorns are lying on my way,
The winds of deprivation come always and howl,
Still, I adorn the path only with her appearance, don't know why
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!

 


Do the company of moon ever be left?

Where-ever we go and live, this moon will also be there,
The frenzy of our life will also survive there,
Do tell, does anyone, up-date
has plundered the beauty of moonlight?

She will smile with us in the days of happiness,
Will show compassion and shed tears to see us sad,
Living far, in separation, has never
broken the bond of love!

She will come in our sleep and decorate sweet dreams,
Will tap the weary body with exceedingly cool breeze,
Will flow ceaselessly and with same pace,
Since the fountain of love has spout!

 


Always glanced the moon stealthily from the lattices,
And thus avoided catching moon's eye!

Sent always false messages to the moon,
And thus hid heart's secrets from the moon!

When I looked at the moon, I smiled knowingly,
And thus concealed the pang of my heart from the moon!

I tried hard to comprehend the moon, but in vain,
And couldn't for a moment say the golden dream to moon!

Continued to make mistakes, without thinking good or bad,
Committed love with moon — a someone's perpetual trust!

Ages are passing on silently, I am also silent,
Since, on which support, now I talk to the moon!

 


Don't think, I am on the shore now,
I am still in the mid-current of life's stream!

Wave is lovely to me,
I love its each blow,
Have love with each
string of the wave,
Don't think I dwell in a secure abode, now,
Still am I in the open space!

Forgotten songs remain in my mind,
Have attachment to every hurt sentiment,
For each unseen storm
likely to come at each step in life,
Don't think I have found the garden of heaven,
I am still in a desolate place, amidst autumn!

I search for altogether a new ray,
a colourful and bright firmament,
Want to enjoy a lovely dream,
Don't think, the moon is now in my possession,
I am still in darkness all round!

 


So, difficult now to meet you!

How many ages have passed in silent waiting,
The clouds of long thirsty eyes are emptied-out,
On the deserted path of lonely life,
there is nothing, except a vast expanse of autumn!

Before me, all are strange and new,
Oh, well acquainted dreams have gone where?
Have searched out continuously with vigilance
each corner of sea-land-sky!

 


Don't be so mad!

Whom you consider, each moment,
a straight rapid fountain,
That's a burden-some, painful, deprived,
ever lonely, void unfertile land,
Keep your heart under control,
Don't be so feeble!

Why looking so attentively —
it's stone not wax,
O, Chakori1! it is a morning sun
not the moon,
Before any stranger
don't be so innocent!

It's not a cloud pleasant and cool,
Only a cloud of hot smoke,
O, Ignorant! don't search in it
again and again life's support,
All is a mirage,
Don't be so unsteady after that!

The deserted garden that you are adorning
with such great efforts,
How will it flourish,
try to understand a bit, the helplessness of heart,
Remaining in the tearful eyes
Don't become collyrium of grace
1 A bird enamoured of moon according to Indian myth.


When was it possible for the world
to assess the value of my tears?
It simply kept on gazing,
the unwinking flow of tears,
Looking with two merciless eyes; that's all,
as if, lamps devoid of affection,
Which human being sang the song
in tune with my agony?

Is there any fellow-traveler of life,
just matching one's heart's desire,
When one is facing and suffering
sobs, mute sighs, and death?
Is there any, who is protected
by the intricacies of heart?

 


Let run down the tears of mine,
But don't confer the gift of love!

On the path, as I stop,
On each step when I bend,
Fighting with the storms
Get tired, entangled in the whirlwind,
Let me move in a tottering manner,
Don't give me support for a moment!

Whether the tide rises in the ocean,
No matter, the boat caught in the whirlpool,
Looking the thick rainy clouds gathered
the heart palpitates in quick successions, even though,
Let me move forward
Don't give helm in my hands!

On the dark path of life,
On the bushy and thorny path of life,
Support less and alone,
Enlightening my heart
I shall go stumbling and rising,
Don't give me the world of easily obtainable light!

 


I am fading each moment!

Stars envelope in the sky,
Waves merge in the ocean,
Tunes of the lyre are lost
In the sound of blowing wind,
One day in the stream-trend of time
Agile; I will also vanish!
The youth of flowers is of short duration,
The song of the black-bees is short lived,
When their heart-beats of desires
are so transient
Lasting for a short time, my mortal body
Will also become feeble!

The day declines and the dust diffuses in air,
The night rolls every moment
The ages are passing with their own pace,
The world is changing continuously,
I also move on the path of life
With internal uneasiness!

 


I keep glowing every moment!

Buds on the branches of trees,
Row of stars flickering in the sky,
Little by little, look in full perfection
With the new lustre of life!

Dry river receiving water up to the brim
The desert being full with dripping drops,
When each particle gets life
I too fill vim in my heart!

Infusing sweet joviality in the world
Came fresh spring on the earth,
My words also getting tunes
When cuckoo started cooing!

 


Today, passions are in full sway!

Vanquishing the ocean of tears,
The heart gets rid of pain,
The burden of ages
became light,
Heart has sung a song;
Reverberating its clank!

Heat of the sun has gone,
Burning sensations of soul are calm,
In the shades of clouds
Prevailing the cool wind!
Got the love of beloved
in her silent acceptance!

Merged, within the blink of an eye
All the hardships of night and day,
The heart became happy,
Like the leaf of a garden,
I attained now everlasting happiness
Materializing the paradise!

 

[69] NIGHT

Limitless moonlight has spread,
Heart-peacock is dancing,
Entangled with the eyes, the sleep has gone away!

Life — has materialized in eyelids,
a happy new world,
That's why the splendour of silent eyes is increased!

The silvery night is very alluring,
The wind has blown from the far east,
The intoxication of night is fully overcast in sky!

How lovely is the song of night,
Listening to which one loses one's attention,
Some secret of creation is hidden somewhere, certainly!

 


Fresh dense captivating clouds gathered
and overcast the whole sky!
This day, they are giving thousand blessings
to the distressed earth!
Look, how much dark is the mass of clouds!

The sky is roaring
In a grave voice, alike a musical instrument,
As if, wanted to perform all the musical notes,
Look, these clouds are female attendants of the sky!

Let drops of water fall — non-stop
With intense speed; not mildly,
Rain in the whole world
So that all the calamities be far away!
Look, how compact are these clouds!

 


You say, ''Sing the song, today! ''
It's a union-festival — auspicious and sacred!

You, forcibly fill the vibrations of pleasant waves in life,
And just then, come quietly, steal the heart's wealth,
Feelings of sadness are lost,
you make me forget past-sufferings!

You are sweetish cool spring of my life's stream,
Influencing the tune of my life's poems, every moment,
At the time of utter defeat,
Looking towards you, I feel myself victorious!

 

[72] YOU

You are tender shoot of my life's tree!

You give distinct recognition to my youth,
Lustre lost face got brightened, due to you,
Your movements prove my living existence, yes!

I admit, during the stormy-rainy season,
I shook from the root,
Yet, I sing your song,
thoroughly from the depth of heart,
Only, on your strength, I fight fearlessly — unceasingly!

 


How is it, this day, diffusing out
the saffron of your 'maang'!

I saw you very closely,
There was no where, any sign of joy, on your face,
Don't know why, you kept on standing, with fixed feet, self-absorbed!

When you are bestowed with such a lyrical life,
Tell me, then why is so restless
the state of your body and mind,
Don't know, which ideas of uncertain future
causing you distress!

The bright moon-like face is appearing depressed,
Each breath is cumbersome, getting unnerved,
Don't know why, today the flowers of each garden are withered away!

 
1Parting line of hair (on a lady's head.)


Only, your reminiscence is with me!

Today, why this, a very old incidence
is taking shape in my thoughts?
Today, again like that night of farewell,
Why tears are running down in the eyes?
When only the frenzy is with me!

Chatki1 is saying this painfully —
''How difficult is the path of love,
The obstructing world can't see,
Remains the burns only, to be forgotten,
Only this complaint is with me! '

But your reminiscence, a life's wish,
became that ineffaceable line of vermilion —
Before which, not a little,
life is worried now, for your remote presence,
The moon is with me to look at!

 
1 A mythological Indian bird. Drinks only the rain-water during the 'Swati' constellation.


Years' old memory is just recollecting in my mind!

The tree, in front of me, is as much old
so much is the incidence,
The day when the sky
was drizzling continuously,
The moon had hidden behind darkened clouds!

Standing on the roof,
Feeling thrills in darkness,
You were singing the song,
Just then, I also came nearby,
Met two lovers with love,
Frenzy of that very day alone is saved in the eyes!

 


The stars disappeared, in waiting for someone!

Counting them, passed the lonely night,
They were strong support for the heart-beats,
The rays from the east are fetching the day,
The hem of hope and despair has blown away,
Continuously with the streams of tears
They have washed away the overcast darkness of the sky!

Eyes, seeing the path, remained awake the whole night,
The innocent lamp of heart, kept on flickering with sneh1,
All the forthcoming moments, appeared as if full of burns,
The heart has been worshipping continuously since ages,
O, Dear! rising in the heart, non-stop,
such unusual thoughts — good or bad!

Walking from the path, spreading towards the horizon,
When sometimes, you will be nearby, smilingly,
It's my belief, O, companion of life!
You will never forget me like this,
O, Papeehe2! say — all the wretched kalps3 of the Viyogi4 have been completed!
 
1 Love, Affection, Oil substance.
2 Papeeha (Chatak) — A mythological Indian bird. Drinks only the rain-water during the 'Swati' constellation.
3 A day of Brahma (one thousand 'mahayug' — 4,32,00,00,000 years of mortals)
4 Man separated from his wife or beloved.


Is this the result of ages' long devotion?

I am a devotee of your attractive form,
Always look unwinding your grace-glory,
But the morn of happiness has vanished,
it's the evening of life!

I have called you in dream,
Decorated the room of heart,
But the fountain of love is simply flowing
Incessantly from the ages!

Ears are attending to the sound of footsteps,
My both the eyes are eagerly awaiting,
But there is seen not even a glimpse of yours!
 

Desire of mine!

Just as sky,
Restless shivering,
Can't contain itself in the heart,
Imagination of mine just as — dense fresh clouds!

Candid lamp,
Constant brightness,
Trilling voices of pain are imprisoned in the heart,
Complete life-worship of mine is well adorned, today!

No burns,
Sink in nectar,
The unflickering flame of heart is burning constantly,
Always object-oriented is worship of mine!

 


I shall not bow down before misfortune,
Though remained unsuccessful in life, today!

Not even for a moment kept dormant
the feeling of devotion,
No matter, if I am defeated,
I shall not get tired on the lonely paths,
Away, how-so-ever away may the destination be!

Today, the darkness alike Amavas1 is overcast all-round,
But, just tomorrow, the dawn will smile all-round,
I shall not stop in the crippled dilemma of mind,
Though I may not have any support!

 
1 The last day of the dark half of a month.


In the dark night of despair no ray of hope glows!

Nowhere, now the stars in the sky shine,
All horizons of the earth invisible, afar somewhere,
But, I keep on going support less somewhere, constantly,
All the birds of heart are not tired, still,
The rugged way difficult and full of thorns,
but feet not stopping anywhere!

Constantly vomiting poison — every story of the path,
Storms continuously demolishing
all secured eminent structures,
But, constantly progressing, free and powerful life,
Not least unsuccessful became the devotion of my soul,
Extinguished the fast kindling flame
of inauspicious rival time!

Lightening and roaring dense clouds are frightening,
Becoming rough and complicated continuously each way,
Encircled darkness enhanced each step like smoke,
Due to terror, signal-lamps of the road extinguished,
It's the night of annihilation, but even at this dreadful time
My eyes did not fill with tears!

 


It is decided, now
this life will not give you any grace!
Now, life will not give you,
any more spare time!

Remembering the passed days,
how long would you burn?
Entangled in the opposite currents
how much would you flow?
Oh, how long would you tolerate the strokes of the storms?

Life will not give you any more turn
to play such a way,
Life will not give you
now any more vitality!

May all impossible fancies materialize,
May all warbling desires get shape,
May we experience all leaping loving passions,

The life will not give ever
such heaven,
The life will not give ever
such fortune!

 


Very sad heart
Tired body
Very sad heart!

Sky — full of sultriness
Air — stand still
Suffocation, Suffocation, Suffocation!

Overcast dense darkness
No where any ray
Eyes gone astray!

Very disappointed heart
Very dejected heart
Burn, Burn, Burn!

 


I don't want to go along with you
Even if move away the support of life!

If lived, begging somebody's mercy
Then, for what?
I shall feel no anxiety, even negligently,
For myself,
Not least regret, whether extinguish
This only shining star in the sky!

Will laugh and live
Without success,
Human life doesn't brighten up
Without futilities,
I have great confidence that
This flowing stream of life will not cease

 

[84] NO LIFE

Is it life? No, not at all!

Good fortune is not the only wish of heart,
To weep on misfortune is a crime here,
To forget —
Moments of distress are indications of great future,
If, having no so much faith
Then, that can never be an outlook of life,
No, not at all!

Dreams only overcast in the sky of eyes,
Who sing songs for only themselves,
To forget —
Excellence, service-rendering
are the basis of humanity!
If so much is not acceptable
Then your breath is tied up,
And in the heart there is no palpitation,
Not at all!

Not only flowers bloom in the garden,
Dust also spreads at every feet,
To forget —
Ever revolt against hindered and imprisoned life,
If you have so much attachment with life,
Then, what's the frenzy of might,
Is it youth? No, not at all!

 


Those who suffer the calamities of life laughingly —
Are my only companions!

Dense darkness on the
thorny, rugged, stony and lonely way,
But, those who set out,
having enlightened new dawn in their eyes,
Dauntlessly which play with life and death —
Are my only companions!

When angry fast winds roar on head,
When failed all hopes and desires of future,
Then in that utter disappointment
those who endure many hardships in life —
Are my only companions!

Dashing against obstacles
those who could not know ceasing,
Before getting the destination
those who could not know tiring,
Throughout the life
those who concord with the youthfulness of life —
Are my only companions!

 


This is not your destination!

You have to go further,
You have to burn more,
You have to struggle hard on the path of life!

You have to drink more poison,
Then only is the living successful,
Today, it is the time, surely, for your test!

Storm is before you, .
But, man is mighty,
Who whipped all the creation of calamity with feet!

This is my faith,
History speaks,
I am the same that makes the body of destructive designs

 


Tune of hope and belief
I have been playing on the lyre of time, constantly!

The dense darkness surrounded on the way,
Terrible is the whole atmosphere today,
Clouds gathered and sky roaring,
Have been singing victory-songs
In front of death / at funeral pile!

Collect, Man! Life-courage everlasting,
Burn in the fire, which is sharply flamed,
The youth will be brightened up thus,
Giving performance of powerful songs,
Have been awakening the world!

 

[88] DAWN

Is a bit of night remained till now?

Silence, felt as if the dawn slept,
Eyes looking towards the horizon,
Why not the creation is changing its guise?

The dawn is not giving any boon,
The song of birds is silent still,
But, my consciousness awakened,
As life is listening a new message!

I have no love for dreams,
Have searched for a man of dutiful heart,
May my new country remain awaking!

 


This lamp of life kept on burning alone
the whole night!

Wind came with a destructive force,
Sky roared in the madness of power,
But, the lamp was engrossed in burning without repose,
Till the new golden time didn't come in the world!

It has been constantly burning laughingly
the whole night,
It has been reared up even amidst the storms,
Has been crushing the vanity of tyrants,
It gave gleaming light
to mute, ruined and troubled men!

 


Sweet stream of love I am!

Those who came not close to me,
Kept distant acquaintance only,
Thought me devoid of feelings,
Laughing ridiculously, neglected me,
How they came to know,
Ocean of love I am!

Seeing mine frail body, with a bird's eye,
Turning their face, became aloof from my way,
How they came to know,
The axis of power I am!

I didn't smile a little,
Because the life was much perplexed,
So, the people who think me the mute stone,
How they came to know,
Tinkling of harp I am!

Leaving me alone on the bank
Those who went away on their boats,
Now, entangled in the waves of tide,
And the ocean is roaring on them,
How they came to know,
Helm of salvation I am!

 


Each house is gleaming with the small lamps of soil!

The earth covered with the waves of darkness,
But, floating on it lambent light-boat,
Have to burn, whether sky may be devoid of stars and moon!

Overcast ugly smoky vapour on the world,
But, flows constant the ocean of love,
In the deserted heart of time,
you have to remain full with compassion!

Structures of the world are dismantled due to fast storms,
But, parallel to it smiles new shape,
Will erode the curse of devastation,
when the new steps of creation fall forward!

Exploding uproars from each corner,
Now the attachment to dreams is breaking,
Decayed death will disappear
in the stir of new life!

 


The boatman is rowing the boat!

Tearing the heart of ocean
run terrible waves, nonstop,
Winds rustle with angry tone
right on the head,
Dense darkness overcast in the sky
from this horizon to that,
Some murderous creature is taking long breath nearby!

Each moment, coming from afar
dark clouds of annihilation are amassing,
Suppress, with horrible roaring,
the voice of powerful hope of victory,
Gloating last time, assisted by death,
but constantly forwarding, with steadfast courage,
he is challenging the adverse circumstances!

 

The youthfulness of the age cannot be defeated!

To the organized peoples' consciousness,
To the desire of new creation,
To the age old devotion of proletariat class,
To the dream of happiness of man,
To the hopeful mansion of peace,
And to the life-sky full of redness of dawn,
Have you heard the story of destroying them?

Feet hard as steel,
Who fought with the storms,
Could not tremble even a step,
Remained standing solid as a mountain,
Challenge the foes,
Fight and kill,
Those who sacrifice life in doing worldly duty,
When does their fierce life-force become slow!

Summons the power,
Fills enthusiasm in heart,
Hearing which feeble man's chest swells with glory,
Which covers way in darkness,
Echoes in each quarter,
Tells the new message of revolt to stars,
Cannot stop the voice of peoples' salvation!

 


I am constantly going on constructing a new path,
And shall keep on!

Path — on which there is a net of thorns,
and layers of darkness,
Path — on which there is a heap of stones,
And is inaccessible desolate,
Path — on which is blowing storm —
with destructive typhoonic-sound,
Path — on which snow is falling,
and is inviting death,
Becoming a lamp, I am burning only on that,
And shall keep on!

Today, in chain of rigidity, life is tied-up,
Wounded age-bird fluttering in illusion,
entangled itself in parapet,
Like cremation area — silence, stagnancy is prevailing,
and the voice has choked, now-a-days,
In front — terrifying rugged quarters,
amassed in fog, are seen,
Like a flower, I am blooming in the ruined garden of the world,
And shall keep on!

 


Go on advancing on the way!

Far is your destination,
But, steps will not be weary,
Youthfulness of age has not lost courage till today,
O, Fighters against storms!
Go ahead fiercely, fearlessly, happily!

Strength of faith is with you,
Matchless force of history is with you,
Having untired stamina to bring again,
new spring in the future world,
O, Young man! with your blood,
build a new strong mansion in the world!

Darkness is disappearing,
New morning is coming,
Each particle of the world is singing
new song of creation,
So, you too go on fighting
for the dignity of new age!

 

[96] FAITH

Proceed with faith, the obstructions of the way
will remove!

The fire of your life will shine like embers,
All dark quarters will glitter in flooded light,
Vanity of your foes will smash into pieces!

Sing constantly that song which is full of hope,
Language of your eyes, should tell the constancy
of your aim,
Then, being defeated, rival will show humbleness towards you!

All rocks of adversity will crack and break,
Roaring storms, inflicting sufferings,
will bent and submit to dust,
The man will sow and water the seeds of comfort
motivated by you!

 

Be cautious
Oh, watchful guards!

Many demons are surrounding
to snatch the freedom of man,
Darkness spreading swiftly
to swallow each ray of future,
Be cautious
Oh, watchful soldiers!

Today, overcasting
dense blood-showering terrifying clouds,
Thundering in the sky
destructive cruel thunderbolts, impatiently,
Be cautious
Oh, saviours of world peace!

 


Adopt new thoughts!
Improve the fallen state of the society,
Improve it!

Ceased flow may flow again,
Spirited song may echo,
Let there be limitless love-treasure in the heart,
Filling that, numberless people may get up,
Awake the earth and call out the morn,
Call out!

The country may remain organized,
No man may be suppressed,
No one bear hunger and thirst,
May be seen altogether a new guise,
Time restored, behold the flashes,

In the overwhelming stream of joy
Love — white and red,
Flow, flow, flow, flow!
Acclaim victory of humanity,
A new hut is built, reside in it,

 


In void sky, you, the bird of the age
will fly with a constant pace,
You will fly!

You can never stop,
Wings will keep on rising and falling,
You can never get tired,
On the way, clouds will come and gather,
Giving the new message of liberty,
to the world, you'll go forward,
You'll go forward!

On the fiery path, with healthy heart,
Feeling support of inner-self, and dauntless,
Torch-bearer, lamp of knowledge,
With new creation, hail to the proletariat class,
Giving challenge
to the hostile powers of the age, you will ascend,
You will ascend!

 


Not worried; nevertheless afraid too!

When life is at stake,
Facing struggles at every step,
New Bhairvee1 is being resounded,
Not at all possible to stop anywhere
There is defeat; together with victory!

We are feeling all passions,
Desires and renunciations,
Someone calls — 'Come back',
Someone adorn, saying — 'Good-bye'!
Weeping and wailing; as well singing too!

There is reflection of bad in good,
Where is deception; there is faith too,
Even curse is with bliss,
'Human' is weak, moreover is truly great,
Unholy; is sacred too!

Who is challenging like this?
Who is caressing like this?
Man — is drenched in hostile conflicts,
Man — is always present in moments of enjoyment,
He is a foe; as well a friend too!

 
1 A tune which is sung in the early morning.


Look, the time is changing!

A new flame is enflamed in the world,
Fire of life is anew,
Burning all that is tattered and worn out,
All that is old — is demolished and destroyed!

The flames of devastation are terrible
Overcasting the whole sky,
Momentum is reckless; impossible to suppress!

Each one is coming forward,
Before eyesight each particle is feeling free,
Reality has come in front,
There is no fabrication any more!

Don't show resentment to this,
Don't inhale breaths of spite,
It will continue moving;
Useless to pave the way with thorns!

 


Where is rest for us?

We have fought even the death,
Each moment progressing ahead,
All the thorns of the path
See, are thrust into the dust by now,
Moving forward, we have to destroy the darkness hence on!

We haven’t cared for troubles moreover,
We haven’t seen dust too,
We haven’t seen
the smiling sweet flowers in the way,
We haven’t known what is love and ties of affection!

We are not what we were yesterday,
We are marching at our own pace,
Whether it is defeat or victory
We remained alike at every moment,
We have strange and firm faith to change the world!

 


Let the independence of each and every country
remain intact forever!

We love independence limitlessly —
more than our own existence,
No eligibility is laid down anywhere
to be a patriot,
Let the feeling of democracy remain keen always!

Innumerable people of the world
are undivided and equal,
The feeling is same, though
there are several National Anthems,
Let the feeling of equality remain burning every moment!

Abandon : That throw
the humanity of man to flames,
Adopt : That bears
high-minded humanism,
Let ever flow the waves of enthusiasm for secularism!

 


Quarters echo with the proclamation of democracy!

Now each man is the part of the government,
The value of life is enhanced,
Feelings are dedicated to the Independence!

Darkness will not raise head now,
The sky will gleam with light,
Our notions are inspired by resolute object!

The tune of sorrow will be silent,
The desire of pleasure will materialize,
Inequalities of every kind will end, now!

 


Fill the golden rays
of Republic day in the heart!

May the inner-self, enlighten
And echo the entire gamut like warbling,
Give sweet voice to
the splendid feelings of Republic day!

Equality may reflect in the eyes,
And spill the sea — full of love,
Do resonate the faith of Republic day in each particle!

All brutality may pass away,
Dignity may come in each man,
Remove your sin
in the compassionate-Ganga of Republic day!

 


Dignity of human may ever be secured and respected,
It 's our resolution!

We ourselves be the maker of our fortune,
The power of people may not decrease,
The freedom of man may not be least snatched,
It's our resolution!

Having tied in the thread of unity,
All may proceed on the path of progress,
Nobody may be reproached
in the name of Religion, Language and Caste,
It's our resolution!

Illiteracy and poverty may eliminate,
Humanity may be free from class difference,
Earned money may not be limited to selected people,
It's our resolution!

 


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