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Poems About: LIFE

In this page, poems on / about “life” are listed.

  • 253.

    read more »

    courtney harkey
  • 254.

    Thinking is a boring life
    Laughing is a irresponsible life
    Joking is a funny life
    Questioning is irritating life read more »

    ainan ahmad
  • 255.

    Life is the breeze in your face on a summer day,
    Life is your candles on your birthday cake,
    Life takes you by the hand and doesn't let go. read more »

    justin mendoza
  • 256.
    Life wid u............

    Life seems so happy
    wid u around
    Life gliters in night
    wid u rising in my head read more »

    jahanvi .......................
  • 257.
    All about life

    Life is every where
    It is in you now and forever it shall stay,
    Life is the wind blowing sideways,
    Life is the winter and the summer, read more »

    Clint Chipman
  • 258.
    Life or Game

    Life is a game,
    Life is a tournament,
    Life is something which can be won or lost,
    Life games can be indoor or outdoor, read more »

    Afia Shahid
  • 259.

    Life is irreplaceable like oil
    Life has it ups and downs
    Life dies
    Life is born read more »

    DarkX 474
  • 260.

    read more »

    George mwandu
  • 261.
    Why is life...

    Why is life,
    So lonely.

    Why is life, read more »

    Dragon Crenshaw
  • 262.
    Joyful Life

    It's hard to choose the life we live.
    But It makes a lot of sense.
    Living a hard life makes my life joyful.

    Life is all about happiness. read more »

    Yash Pradhan
  • 263.
    life is

    Life is life
    Life is love
    Life is you and me
    Life is every thing we see read more »

    kelly berry
  • 264.

    What is Life
    Is it so great
    Do we help or destroy
    What god gave us was life read more »

    Brianna Woomer
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