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Poems About: JUSTICE

In this page, poems on / about “justice” are listed.

  • 49.
    Justice is the One who gives Life on Me

    For the people who seek for comfort or dead mercy,
    Their fairness sob and yet still strife for their right,
    I rage against the death of justice before it will be. read more »

    Raymond Cabrera
  • 50.
    Forget Not Divine Justice!

    Forget Not Divine Justice!

    What discrepancies
    Be corrected by what measures read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 51.

    The justice is from the most important things in our life.
    It doesn't need to have any weapons.
    Gun, pistol or knife.
    Doesn't need eating meat, chicken or even sour like lemons. read more »

    Abdelrahman Elawad
  • 52.
    Justice ha what bollocks

    Justice is bollocks.
    Never existed for me.
    In my case it dont exist. read more »

    Amy Kerswell
  • 53.
    Why so?

    Seeking the turn of justice on a di of 6
    Sounds irrelavant.inferior.impossible
    Maybe so.Unless a miracle may strike.
    Why so? Is justice unheard, unseen or rather just, unintresting. read more »

    Muhammed Vally
  • 54.

    Justice is revenge for those who have suffered loses,
    And for others it’s a punishment

    It involves the truth, not the lies read more »

    Gavin Buttar
  • 55.
    Enough is Enough

    Enough with the saying
    There is equal opportunity
    When some have no opportunity
    When there should be justice And it's just us paying the price read more »

    Carrie May Bennett, MBA
  • 56.
    Many Voices

    romantics sing of justice
    cynic cry it's only a tool
    for rulers and designers read more »

    shimon weinroth
  • 57.
    Frustration for justice

    The days I’m passing is completely injustice
    The fear for no mistake
    The fear for we believed in truth
    The fear for the merit holder read more »

    athuramon 3631
  • 58.
    Keep Righteousness

    Keep righteousness
    With you my dear
    That is your jewel
    That makes you gladdened. read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 59.
    Justice A Bud

    Justice is a flower bud
    Just waiting to bloom
    Just being waited to be in-helled
    Just a glance of fragrance. read more »

    Tadasha Tripathy
  • 60.

    Heavenly Father has attributes
    Justice is one of them
    Do what is right, do not Sin
    Be good to all of your Kin read more »

    Esther Hudson
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