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In Durance Vile - Poem by Dafyd Smith

I wandered lonely as a cloud – um, plagiarism’s not allowed.
So I’ll build a poem just my own – a task I’ll have to do alone.
I’m searching for a theme to start, something that will touch the heart.
Maybe a poem about my location, a reasonable place but full of emotion.

Bewildered to start – the ennui sets in… after a few days, reality begins.
Separated from the ones you love, you wonder why this fell from above.
Justice is blind, is dumb as well, has a wooden leg as you can tell.
Your lawyer don’t care about you a lot, he’ll get paid no matter what.

There are villains in here and victims out there, but things turn round ‘twixt there and here.
“In denial” is the category used, but “being a victim” can be refused.
True to yourself is the only way – I am innocent, despite what they say.
They made accusations and that is enough – no proof required and that is so tough.

Crusading detective is given the word to pick and choose what will be heard.
Innocent accused don’t have a clue that a false picture will go against you.

Interviews follow – accusations fly. You’re quite bewildered and can’t figure why
Someone so hates you that he will lie to gain ACC money – so easy to try.
You then find a lawyer who assures you he’ll win your case and easily too.
Heaps of nice legal aid money will go to build a defence so the jury will know

You’re innocent – a victim – you’ll be free to go, and the false accusations will show
Up as lies and perjury – they will know. And justice will set things on an even flow.
But, justice is blind, an industry too, to support all the people who say they’ll help you.
You have not a chance when they hook into you.
You can struggle a lot, but they have got you.

Dafyd Smith, New Zealand.
9 March 2006

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