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  • 229.
    The Quiet Harvest

    WITHIN a thicket ere the sun
    Was up, I heard a whisper run.
    Each bush and tree was bidding, now,
    Its yellow leaves forsake the bough. read more »

  • 230.

    I want to die on the fifth of July twenty forty two,
    I’ll be a hundred and five by then so I’ll be just about due,
    But this is death with dignity that is illegal here and now,
    You can’t control the end of your life, so just stand up and take a bow. read more »

  • 231.
    young September

    Hey young September
    you're growing old way too quick
    I remember smell of salt
    lying with her on the beach read more »

  • 232.
    To My Unborn

    I miss you lil one,
    I never got to know you,
    You were only in my stomache for only 3 months 1 week,
    I felt you moving, read more »

  • 233.
    July The First

    The grey roos sheltering beneath the pine trees it is a wet and a wintery Winter's day
    Yet in the rain the magpie he is piping on a high branch of a tall mountain gray
    And yet the weather is not cold or chilly it does not seem a bad start to July
    The Winter sun by the rain is hidden and overcast looking the morning sky read more »

  • 234.
    Just Memories

    The school holidays were happy days a time of the year to enjoy
    The birds sang in the leafy hedgerows and above the fields of Lisnaboy
    The little brown skylark was carolling as up towards the clouds he did fly
    A small speck above the green landscape the feathered minstrel of the sky. read more »

  • 235.
    Lost for Words


    The art of writing's such a sport read more »

  • 236.
    I NEVER Did Give Up!

    Your thoughts are a little hazey
    but you vision things so clear
    your hearts pounding crazy
    as you wipe one more tear read more »

  • 237.
    July Sun

    you are a brand new person,
    my feeble hands applaud you,
    to the extent that they are able.
    please don't close yourself alone, read more »

  • 238.
    Far North In The Green Fields

    Far north in the green fields of old Lisnaboy
    Just learning of Nature I used to enjoy
    The warm winds of Summer from the south did blow
    And young birds chirped on bushes and trees and hedgerow read more »

  • 239.
    In July Far away

    The pleasant natural aroma of meadows mown for silage or hay
    Come wafting to my memory from places far away
    And the sun at intervals shines through the gray clouds of the sky
    And cattle in lush fields chew their cuds at ease in the warmth of July read more »

  • 240.
    On A Moonlit Night In July

    A full moon does silently creep it's way across the starlit sky
    And the flute of the magpie I hear on this cool Winter night in July
    He does not sing for the love of song he sings to defend territory
    Whilst most others birds are asleep he pipes high on a wattle tree read more »

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  70. Flea Haiku, Chenou Liu
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