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Poems About: JOURNEY

In this page, poems on / about “journey” are listed.

  • 361.
    The Light the Truth the Way

    We are of one body
    Created equal
    with free will read more »

    Janice M Pickett
  • 362.

    False one word, word is thou
    Lies become real, when life is tasteless and percived bland
    So far fetched journeys are told to others unsupecting
    Shock and awe upon which you look, for second makes I worthfull read more »

    vincent armone
  • 363.
    ******a journey with you

    we're all in a journey
    i am in a journey with you
    i know things will never go easy read more »

    HAZEL Calumarde
  • 364.
    Ethereal Journey

    I believe in magic and dreams
    I have a dream to
    wish upon a star read more »

    Jacqueline Hernandez
  • 365.
    short ride

    Short ride in a fast machine,
    put my loving arm around you,
    driving you when I was green
    from green pastures where I found you. read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 366.
    The End Of The Track

    The train will stop at the end of the track
    When the journey's over, there's no turning back
    The rear view mirror reflecting the past
    Of memories precious that hopefully last read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 367.
    WHO AM I

    WhO Am i
    IAM THE FIRE, read more »

    Lynda karim
  • 368.

    When sperm go on their journeys, it's inevitably inevitable
    At journey's end they'll find some eggs, receptively, quite pregnable
    The formers of those sperm are usually quite glad
    The invasion of those eggs will make them each a dad read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 369.
    The Journeys

    How I wish I could write

    All about the journeys that I keep walking inside read more »

    Nasra Al Adawi
  • 370.
    Trust Me

    Will you wander away with me?
    On the journey of my life
    On the wings of strife
    I will take you through read more »

    Waqas Naeem
  • 371.
    The Journey

    The journey you take, has begun,
    Where one is two, and two are one,
    I’ll speak through you, you’ll see through me,
    All will be clear your mind set free, read more »

    The Mowjo
  • 372.

    How Careful One Must Be
    Be Cautious
    You Travel the Lifeline of Thread
    You Began Your Journey Last Ago read more »

    Arthur Presley
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