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The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Begins In A First Step - Poem by MELVIN BANGGOLLAY


In everything we do in this life, it always begins in a first step. In other words, when we want to achieve something or excel in any field of endeavor in this life, we must take the first step or move. Basically, we can not move upward in a ladder without stepping on the first step and if we will not take the first move to go upward and journey beyond a thousand miles in seeking our dreams and aspirations in this life.

In our ardent desire to achieve our ambitions, aspirations, wants and needs in this life, we really can not have them if we are not willing to take the first initiative, first move or first step towards such long journey before reaching the petals of our desires or aspirations in this life we owed from God. We must really have the guts, courage and patience to dip our own toe in the sand of burning obstacles, trials and bellowing risk with prudence in this life before we can finally reach the pinnacle of our dreams. It always take a single step to begin any long and arduous journey in this life while we are seeking the meaning of our sense of being and reaching and realizing what we wanted to do and become in this life.

We really can not move forward or go a long way in this journey of life to reach our desired destiny our faith or fate may determines without taking the first leap of courage, sacrifice, patience and perseverance along with dynamic commitment and interest to go on with the journey even if at times the way we are traveling may not be as cool as we wanted or as clear as we prayed. Indeed, any journey in the ocean of life to reach the other shore of our dreams and aspirations in life always begins in sailing with a first paddle of guts and courage to succeed.

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