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At 23 - Poem by July Legaspi

23 years of existing,
Has never been so much exciting,
Everyday is changing,
That makes LIFE more challenging.

Those past 23 years are amazing,
That I couldn't imagine how long I've been fighting,
Failures and Sadness are always my weakness,
But GOD is my only strength from the highest.

Many times I wanted to give up in Life,
In dreaming and In breathing,
But you know what keeps me going,
Is conquering LIFE'S everything.

I must admit, my LIFE is so frustrating,
For people never stops me from bullying,
I wonder what I've done wrong from the very beginning,
That even my height is a big thing.

I can't totally remember the first time I cry,
That makes me wanna die,
But I thank GOD for everything,
With his Love I am surviving.

For others I maybe pitiful and imperfect,
Like a tiny toy not worthy to keep,
But these people gave me courage to carry on,
To live this life where I'm on.

I'm not blessed with physical beauty,
What I have is Inner Beauty,
Beauty that comes from the people who truly loves and treasures me,
And beauty of the Life that GOD lend to me.

I do not know when will be the end of this journey,
Journey that I learned to love each single day,
The journey that has many Ups and Downs along the way,
And the Journey, that I will share with HIM one day.

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