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  • 37.

    I ramble in my dreams
    About who I would have been
    If that January never happened
    Would we have stayed more than friends

    Your face crosses my mind
    Every time I close my eyes
    If I could only tell you
    I hid behind my lies

    I struck you hard
    Not caring if I left you bleeding
    What I wouldn't give
    To show you that my emotions weren't fleeting

    You've been with others, so have I
    Yet none compare to us
    Physically I am drawn to you
    But it would be more than lust

    I've imagined things we've never done
    And words you would have said
    My smile fills my eyes with tears
    As I crawl back into bed

    You're to thank for m dreaming nights
    Your gentle touch caressed
    I long to keep you by my side
    If so, I would be blessed

    I yearn to be yours again
    But I can't understand why
    You seem to have forgotten our past
    That thought makes me want to die

    You've made me who I am today
    For that I owe my life
    But nothing could ever be sweeter
    Than the hope of becoming your wife

    My realistic mind tells me
    You won't even consider
    But my hopeful heart keeps wishing
    That you won't be a goddamn quitter

    Please don't turn your back on me
    I am a part of you
    If January never happened...
    Oh I wish, I pray I knew read more »

  • 38.
    Please Don't Cry

    Please don’t cry baby
    Let me dry your eyes
    Please don’t cry baby
    Come here— read more »

  • 39.

    With numbing cold, biting at my brittle bones
    I feel many years giving me a wake up shake
    Gripping my coat through the more gripping cold
    I feel the world has grown old. read more »

  • 40.
    A deluge of tears

    A deluge of tears fell in January
    as roads flooded
    and homes were lost. read more »

  • 41.
    Happy New Year

    The first of January rolls around
    Like clockwork it appears
    I find it’s timing most profound
    As it brings us each new year read more »

  • 42.
    Obama Takes the Oath

    On an early November day
    when the last oak leaves
    clung to barren branches,
    Americans from Maine to L.A. read more »

  • 43.

    Why speak that... Why? .
    Monday - difficult day...
    Monday is lunar day...
    As Janus two-obverse is day... read more »

  • 44.

    Climate change
    So strange for January
    Not a single dropp of snow
    My Mother Nature read more »

  • 45.
    Haiku Calendar

    January arrives
    Winter sun with golden rays
    Scribbles greeting cards read more »

  • 46.
    No More

    No more love in my cold world
    No more tenderness to feel
    No more beliefs to be hold
    No more dreams to be real read more »

  • 47.
    accidents are very necessary

    accidents are very necessary
    especially when
    one is not given a true fate
    I think of them as my own read more »

  • 48.
    A Gorgeous Ice Palace [REV.]

    Snowflakes hung in the window of my imitation
    ice palace, viewing "Frozen" again, wishing for
    Snow Queen power to create wonders in ice,
    completely alone & content to live in freedom read more »

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