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Poems About: JANUARY

In this page, poems on / about “january” are listed.

  • 301.

    Built on Triumphant Terror's name,
    Our Emperor's words risk raising scorn,
    That history might soon surmise,
    If people used clear sighted eyes; read more »

    David Zvekic
  • 302.
    Vicious Circle

    I put my glasses on; behold!
    A headache comes to me:
    I take my glasses off, and then
    I find I cannot see. read more »

    David Mitchell
  • 303.
    As God Shut His Eyes

    Her life falls apart crumb by crumb,
    Trapped in a shell and inside she’s numb,
    Memories of pain as clear as a bell,
    Twice she has tried and twice she has failed, read more »

    Ivana Mabry
  • 304.
    Red Jazz

    Red reflections
    from songs
    by Billie
    before the empty stairs. read more »

    Charles Lara
  • 305.
    On Writing a Poem (To the Critic)

    You attack my poetry—
    It lacks meter,
    You say,
    And neglects read more »

    Adam Maruyama
  • 306.
    Get Goin

    It's a real cold Mornin
    And I find it hard to get Goin
    I left my warm, Snug, Bed
    Must be out of My Head read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 307.
    ~January's Thaw~

    Melting mirrors drip through planks
    as the wind skips dried leaves past,
    Only once January could be so mild.
    February now stands, still green in chilling glory read more »

    Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun
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