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1110 Marie Curie - Queen Of Scientists - Poem by John Knight

Oh Marie Marie - beloved of all Sceintists
Polish beauty spirited by God to the Sorbonne
Because the Russian Authorities in Poland
Decreed that 'Ladies should not study Science! ! ! ! !

Oh Marie Marie beloved of all Intelectuals
What Spirit forged thy brain to make it so....
To make it so Radioactive - that you could see
You alone could see the potential of Nuclear Energy?

Professor Bequerel - in his wisdom - chose you to probe
To probe the mystery of the mystical radiation
Radiation that ignored physical barriers - and passed
Through thick paper - but found its match in metal.

Pierre Curie - in his wisdom - chose you to be his bride
It is not good for Man to dwell alone - or Woman to work alone.
God -in His Divine wisdom - saw that the time was right
For a new source of Global Energy - NUCLEAR ENERGY!

God chooses people - God uses people
James Watt to harness the power of steam
Michael Faraday to develop the electric motor
Henri - Pierre - Marie to unleash the latent power of the Atom.

Bequerel discovered radioactivity by scientific intuition
Marie Curie quantified it by painstaking investigation
Pierre Curie - Professor of Physics at the Sorbonne
Forsook his own reaserch to support you unconditionally.

Tons and tons of Pitchblend to yield a few grams
Of POLONIUM named for your beloved Poland
And RADIUM - Queen of the radioactive elements
Thousands of times more radioactive than Uranium.

What was your reward - Satisfaction and Honour?
Satisfaction in the isolation of two new elements
Out of the 92 naturally occuring ones
Satisfaction of nailing Henri's strange emanation.

Honour of a Nobel Prize for Physics for Radiation
A Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the isolstion of....
Radium and Plonium - Honours form all the....
Major Scientific Societies in the whole World!

The honour of a visit - all the way from Moscow to Paris
Dimitri Mendeleev - Father of the Periodic Table
To thank you personally for the isolation of Radium
Which he called eka-Barium - a gap in his beloved table!

But there was also a PRICE - this is true of all Research
Your beloved Pierre died prematurely in an accident
Because he was weakened by Radiation Sickness
Your own premature from Leukemia at sixty-two.

Marie you are a miracle - the World's Greatest Scientist
Your work in the Great War - driving a mobile X-rey machine!
The establishment of the Marie Curie Radium Instuitute
The application of radioactivity to combat cancer.

Oh Marie Marie - Beloved of all Scientists
We honour you name - we respect you discoveries
We solomly promise to harness Nuclear Energy for GOOD
And never ever again use it for Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Comments about 1110 Marie Curie - Queen Of Scientists by John Knight

  • Rookie - 166 Points Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK (5/10/2010 2:52:00 AM)

    Sir what a wonderful poem ….hats off and off perpetually…

    God chooses people - God uses people and it was Marie Marie Curie
    Pierre Curie are not selected but chosen as we find in Bible ‘Many are selected a few are chosen’

    It’s a nice sojourn from a Sr. Poet Scientist Poet who gave us one umbrella where enjoyed scientific sojourn
    Voted 10
    Ms. Nivedita
    UK (Report) Reply

    0 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Freshman - 628 Points Almedia Knight-Oliver (11/20/2009 12:43:00 PM)

    My, My, My, John! This is an informative narrative written by a great writer/poet. Your praises of Marie Curie-Queen of Scientists{ et al] is a phenomenal story of her accomplishments. Thanks for inviting me to your site. I give this great piece of work a 10++++++>>>> (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 32 Points Fay Slimm (11/19/2009 3:25:00 AM)

    John - a fine and well worked out tribute to a deserving woman of science.... an eloquent listing of achievements by Marie and others has served to educate uninformed minds like my own in the many contributions made to help humanity... and your final lines promise the caretaking which we all would, with pleasure, endorse...... a top rate posting John and worth far more than 10 - - from Fay. (Report) Reply

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