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Poems About: IRONY

In this page, poems on / about “irony” are listed.

  • 349.
    Screaming Silence

    The irony of Life is, it is never yours until you sacrifice it
    The noise of the world has made us deaf to heartbeats of humanity
    We run towards lights for in the darkness we see our psyche
    In the screaming silence of the night, we lay awake with hushed hullabaloo in our mind read more »

    Dechen Doma Sherpa
  • 350.
    Little things

    It's the little things we miss
    The drops of rain
    Small moments of bliss
    The poet's need for pain read more »

    Ula Goss
  • 351.

    If you don't do your part, sharing your true love,
    helping others to understand, the day is near.
    Assuredly that the entire world to see, the thoughts,
    you are to share, is not as it appears. read more »

    chas garcia
  • 352.
    the newly found love for isolation

    i am going
    for the lighter side of life
    i pretend
    that i am recently born read more »

  • 353.
    Pere & Fils

    When I see reflected
    In my son's eyes
    My own soul's wit and mocking irony;
    When with a secret glance read more »

    David McLansky
  • 354.
    In Search of Futility

    Many a times ponder I
    On the purpose of existence.
    What really was I designed
    To do in my brief sojourn read more »

    Dimu Eric Olowo
  • 355.

    It's ironic how a beautiful piece of art
    Can be created in the darkest of places
    How an old rusty cracked heart
    Can be oiled by adorable lying faces read more »

    Joseph J. Hernandez
  • 356.
    The Truth

    Her beauty
    Has been shed in vicissitudes
    Cold the compelling stare
    Is bizarre the poem read more »

    Catherine Yen
  • 357.
    For Aurora

    Our thoughts go
    To Aurora Colorado,
    Where many a bleeding heart
    Brace beneath read more »

    Walterrean Salley
  • 358.
    Life........A Task

    God broke a glass toy
    And gave it to man
    His art to employ
    To do what he can. read more »

    Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai
  • 359.
    Irony Concept

    Come on you all and join the tragedy of life,
    No bread, no wine and depressed husband from his wife,
    A man beaten up on crowded roads,
    And the crowd stands life a dumb toads, read more »

    Vikrant Jog
  • 360.

    I saw the stars fading in the smoke..
    Smoke that emanated from my heart,
    Or was that from my mild Cigar
    Or was it a misty wintry night read more »

    Shivani Agarwal
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