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In this page, poems on / about “inspiration” are listed.

  • 229.

    Inspiration can't be seen.

    I mean…you can only feel it. read more »

    Larisa Rzhepishevska
  • 230.
    PLEASE! Don't Call It Love

    This isn't love
    Please don't call it love
    What I feel for you is more
    So much more than love read more »

    Jalisa Berrain
  • 231.

    I plant a seed in the valley,
    I add water for its thirst
    I let it have air to breathe
    I shine light for its energy source, read more »

    Andrew Curtis Markey
  • 232.
    Between Sadness and Inspiration

    Between sadness
    And inspiration
    Lies a single, solemn thread
    Lonely and decayed read more »

    Hasan Haskovic
  • 233.
    (((Broken All The Meanings Of Love)))

    Broken all the meanings of love on the threshold of your heart

    To whom to complain my lovely lady read more »

    Ali Sabry
  • 234.
    Le monde Du Vide

    Dans l’univers du vide,
    Dans le réel vide,
    Dans le triste vide,
    Où tout est réellement vide, read more »

    kafun lady
  • 235.
    To The Muse Of Poetry

    ll hail the Muse of Poetry,
    The spark that gives us light;
    The gleam of inspiration that
    Can make dull darkness bright! read more »

    David Mitchell
  • 236.

    You are my inspiration for what to do,
    You also display me what not to do,
    When you walk through the forest,
    Collect the dead leaves to heap and rot, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 237.

    Inspire me to continue on my life's path,
    To defeat evil and overcome the devils wrath.
    Inspire me to continue with this righteous call,
    So that we can ensure that our world does not fall. read more »

    Rik Bertrand
  • 238.
    'My Inspiration'

    You were my inspiration
    to become who I am now.
    You taught me how to believe in myself
    you taught me with love, just how! read more »

    Linda Winchell
  • 239.
    Inspiration a Gift of God

    Inspiration is a gift of the gods
    For those who have it should applaud
    The feeling of being transported
    Beyond one's own mind that is drifted read more »

    Leena Ajay Pimple
  • 240.
    Maryland - The Pretty Bride

    O Maryland! You are the the most beautiful Among all your sisters. The fallen leaves of MD Are the address of your beauty. The creeks run here and there Adding more beauty to that of yours. Nature is in MD For that it inspired to me All the time to write and express Myself in your lots. read more »

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