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In this page, poems on / about “inspiration” are listed.

  • 109.
    Instruction to a Future Poet #1

    Always carry paper – pen – pencil
    Or comfortable electronic equivalent
    In the year 2013
    Oxford “Stone Paper” is recommended read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 110.

    A spark
    A sudden urge
    desire read more »

    Liliana EL.
  • 111.
    What You Dream, Earnestly, By Shutting A Friend, Will Not Come True

    someone shuts you
    out temporarily from his
    world because he is
    writing a poem which read more »

  • 112.
    Writer's Block

    I am lost without inspiration;
    I cannot think my thoughts are empty.
    A sudden expectation
    of words I cannot see. read more »

    Adam M. Snow
  • 113.
    My Mum

    As the fulgurate moonlight shines
    Distant skies recede
    God had sent a sacred angel
    To love and care for me read more »

    nic hillen
  • 114.

    Like a light bulb that breaks through the dark's barrier
    It comes upon me suddenly and so sullenly
    A voice deep within me whispering to my soul read more »

    Jon Chandler
  • 115.

    Sometimes you need a little inspiration,
    It could be someone or something,
    It could be an action,
    Or just a gift like a ring, read more »

    Garrett Millles
  • 116.
    The Master Painter

    The master painter unfolds his palette
    Strokes generously with his brush,
    The sky explodes with images of delight,
    An inspiration, for the mind, and heart. read more »

    James Tipp
  • 117.
    There is

    there is a symbolic dream sometimes,
    or maybe there is a true dream,
    or a prophetic inspiration,
    or an essential nature of the spiritual realities, read more »

    Christopher George Ketcham
  • 118.

    From behind the shadows
    Watching over me
    My Blessing
    The inspiration through my struggles read more »

    Lii Taito
  • 119.

    for once i wish to be his princess
    dreamed to be his destiny
    fantasized to be his wife
    prayed to be his bride read more »

    jinina fuchima rubisu
  • 120.

    I sit here,
    In the company of the walls
    That surround me,
    Confine me, read more »

    Liberty Crane
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