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Poems About: INNOCENCE

In this page, poems on / about “innocence” are listed.

  • 25.
    When Children Lose Their Innocence

    The innocence of childhood it is a marvellous thing
    And all children are untainted in their life's early Spring
    But by the time they've reached their teens their innocence they've lost
    And the experience that we gain from age always comes at a cost. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 26.

    It wants to play
    Be a mother of singing
    Waiting for the return of words read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 27.
    The innocence of War

    The innocence of war is a lie
    there is no innocence in killing people
    there is no innocence in destroying part of the world
    murder of plants animals and many people read more »

    MeganOlivia Maxwell
  • 28.
    The Day American Innocence Died

    The Day American Innocence Died

    This parade wandered aimlessly through city streets
    People watch and strain to see the man they came to greet read more »

    James Casey
  • 29.
    Loss of Innocence

    Curiosity grows, finding new ground
    Temptation breaks all resistance
    Dark discoveries flood in
    Innocence swept away read more »

    Casey Stewart
  • 30.
    A Kiss

    A kiss on the forehead
    or one on the cheek
    A kiss from your mother
    while you are asleep. read more »

    Elena Plotkin
  • 31.
    Innocence’s Arrival

    Innocence arrived on a late train
    Carrying a cargo filled with pain

    Defiance got off at the last stop read more »

    Alfred Ramos
  • 32.
    I Miss The Road

    I miss the road to school
    I miss the innocence
    I left somewhere on the road to school
    I want my innocence back read more »

    Narender Singh Bansal
  • 33.
    Blooming Innocence! ! !

    when i found a puppy
    inside the gutter
    waiting for someone better
    I found innocence in filth read more »

    lalitha iyer
  • 34.
    A Light In The Darkness

    Deep within the contours of the human mind,
    Lies a yearning for innocence.
    A desire so simple, yet unreachable.
    Because innocence is never bliss read more »

    Darin Leon Erickson
  • 35.
    Of Time And Innocence...

    Underhills and Woodshed
    where Death swam deep
    'neath the iced-capped blue
    to stalk out Innocence, read more »

    Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR
  • 36.
    Voice Of Innocence

    The eye of the sunflower
    Stares into the clear skies;
    Acres of bright, yellow effluence
    Mimic read more »

    Sunil D'pudi
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