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Poems About: INNOCENCE

In this page, poems on / about “innocence” are listed.

  • 109.
    Baby Ella Gibson

    Cannot understand a word she does say
    Yet she is so clever in her baby way
    She crawls around the kitchen floor
    And opens every cupboard door read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 110.

    They cry
    They beg
    They plead
    Innocence lost read more »

    Rebecca Hall
  • 111.
    Life after innocence

    They have just entered life
    Past the age of adolescence
    Away from the innocence
    A mile from expectation read more »

    Lucas Vincent Desmond
  • 112.

    What is innocence exactly?
    Does it come with youth? read more »

    Katie Berry
  • 113.
    Jagged Knife

    Twisted melancholy
    Cuts through my flesh
    Jagged, like a serrated blade
    Ignition of anger read more »

    David Lovell
  • 114.
    Snake in The Grass

    Come not to play on this grass
    Cast not thy innocence here
    Beneath this hidden danger
    Within this surface beauty read more »

    Oyekake Satty Joshua
  • 115.
    Beautiful the Virgin

    Beautiful is the virgin, whose tainted purity causes pity in all man's breast.
    Innocence there is not, trickery is their everything.
    Has no one spared a thought to wonder?
    Has no one spared a spark to the imagination? read more »

    Prince Daugherty
  • 116.

    I saw the mountains,
    They seem so strong,
    Our fragile existence,
    Is defined by the stone, read more »

    Agata Konopka
  • 117.

    The innocence is gone-
    It has fled from them
    And me.
    It has vanished, read more »

    Charlotte Ballard
  • 118.
    Innocence lost

    How quickly
    How quickly
    Innocence is washed away
    Like the decay of ripe fruit or a flower read more »

    Daniel Hooks
  • 119.
    My Gift To You

    I can't change the world, by the waving of my arm
    No I can't make the mountains touch the sky
    But I can make the world a better place to live
    By loving that bit of innocence in you Somehow when we're together, it just comes shining through read more »

    Lillian Heigle Ridlen
  • 120.
    breath the sky

    Truth is evident smashing falsehood
    Like light to darkness it fades fast
    Take part in the diminishing good
    Reflect and see the lessons of the past read more »

    Izik Alcox
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