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Poems About: IDENTITY

In this page, poems on / about “identity” are listed.

  • 337.

    I lie among the sheets of paper
    White and black, strewn all over like thousand stars
    On the veil of black night
    I uncap the pen, but there is no ink read more »

    Bindu Borle
  • 338.
    Almighty Identity Crisis

    i am reborn every morning
    when i rise expecting
    good things from the day
    getting my dose of raw reality read more »

    Faith Elizabeth Brigham
  • 339.

    poetic syntax tactical
    this gom jabber
    for the soul
    are we prove read more »

    Stefan nnn
  • 340.
    and if i were to put this to you..

    its not the poetry that`s of interest to me,
    no, its the comments that i look at first you see,
    because its who`s comments appear automatically
    that make it piss easy to find out fraudulent identities read more »

    freddy mercenary
  • 341.
    Travel Haiku - California Tahoe Skiers

    california tahoe
    the snow makes us taller
    than the alpine trees read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 342.
    A Void Of Blue

    Fields of green surround my soul
    Fields of green they make me whole
    A concept lost eternity
    A concept forever young to me read more »

    David Lacey
  • 343.
    wandering loss of an artist

    I want to create this kingdom of my consciousness
    I want to make my power of newness through recognition
    I want to follow the steps of my great masters
    I want to be totally new cultural identity read more »

    Nyein Way
  • 344.
    Lesbian Recognition

    Lesbians, get it into your head
    No one cares what you do in bed
    If you want to get wed
    Then so to the alter be led read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 345.
    A Bittersweet Rise Of Naiveté

    a troubled child wanders the streets
    orphaned at birth, she knows nothing different
    passers-by ignore her lonely tears
    her gaze has never met the eyes of this world read more »

    Manny Negron
  • 346.

    Alone in the night
    Looking at the stars
    A single tear trickles down my cheek read more »

    Anna Dietze
  • 347.
    Girls who Die

    Once upon a time there was a fly
    A girl who in disguise always lay
    None did know who she was
    Her shape and identity she never dispose read more »

    Sara Here
  • 348.

    for read more »

    Pete O'Hare (P O'H)
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