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Poems About: HUSBAND

In this page, poems on / about “husband” are listed.

  • 337.
    Linley From Dubbo

    Though she is only forty four she looks much older
    And gray through her shoulder length hair of brown
    But twenty years ago she looked a beauty
    One of the finest in Dubbo her Hometown. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 338.
    Some Whispers Provoked a Wife to Lie

    We were sitting, and a vernal breeze playing,
    Yet she was looking, he wasn't any attention paying.
    A passing concubine granted her part for the playing breeze
    And whispered in the man's ears, read more »

    Eiz Qarqash
  • 339.
    My Friend's Husband

    Is a Republican in the worst sense
    Of the word; but she remains a
    Diligent Independent to give both
    Of their sons, 'both' sides of the read more »

    Jim Boone
  • 340.
    Godly Unions

    We have a command in this life; submit to the Lord, Jesus Christ,
    For, to be controlled has its price, which for believers is sacrifice,
    Being controlled by the Holy Spirit, in heeding Truth, as we hear it,
    While we sacrifice our own desire, for a purpose, far much higher, read more »

    Bob Gotti
  • 341.
    The Three Gossips' Wager

    AS o'er their wine one day, three gossips sat,
    Discoursing various pranks in pleasant chat,
    Each had a loving friend, and two of these
    Most clearly managed matters at their ease. read more »

    La Fontaine
  • 342.
    Mahabharata, Book V - Overtaken by Fate

    Twelve-month in the darksome forest by her true and chosen lord,
    Sweet Savitri served his parents by her thought and deed and word,

    Bark of tree supplied her garments draped upon her bosom fair,
    Or the red cloth as in asrams holy women love to wear. read more »

    Veda Vyasa
  • 343.
    A mery Iest

    Sometimes in France, a woman dwelt,
    Whose husband being dead:
    Within a yeere, or somwhat more,
    An other did her wed. read more »

    Humfrey Gifford
  • 344.
    midlife crisis

    Shorthand for trying
    to put the clock back and to be
    as in your twenties and to flee
    all thoughts of dying, read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 345.
    I Do

    The Day she said “I Do” was the proudest of her life.
    Her darling, darling husband took her for his wife.
    She thought her life would turn around
    She thought that she would tread new ground read more »

    Esther Mukabi
  • 346.
    (105) (Meera) The Marriage Talk

    Meera reached the proper age,
    That proposed her marriage.
    Her mother was worried,
    It was time, she be married. read more »

    Rajaram Ramachandran
  • 347.
    Wives of a Few Bureaucrats

    We the wives of a few bureaucrats
    Turn our face to you.
    O Lord, save us,
    Devastated in relaxation are we, read more »

    Abdul Ghani Hazari
  • 348.
    Mrs. George Reece

    To this generation I would say:
    Memorize some bit of verse of truth or beauty.
    It may serve a turn in your life.
    My husband had nothing to do read more »

    Edgar Lee Masters
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