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The Canine - Poem by Justin Reamer

Man's best friend,
Comforting him when down,
Cheering him up when sad,
Mollifying him when angry.

Scent dogs for the police,
Tracking abductees kidnapped before,
The world's most dangerous narcotics,
The most catastrophic explosives,
The world's most wanted criminals.

Hunting companions for hunters,
Retrieving water fowl from foul play,
Tracking rodents and rabbits,
Chasing after the fox without fear.

Pulling sleds with lots of strength,
Racing other sleds and
Making pharmaceutical deliveries
In the Arctic tundra.

Athletes of sorts,
Racing each other on sleds or
Chasing a rabbit to the finish line,

Competitive at any rate.

Travelling in packs,
Hunt livestock as well as
Wild mammals and fowl,
Each taking a turn until
A boy finally cries, ‘Wolf! '
For the first time.

A red pup of sorts,
Rather cute in some ways,
But unbreakable in others,
Living in a solitary den,
Hunting fowl and rodents
To feed its pups,
Its white dot at the tip of its tale,
Saying, ‘Best friends forever, '
With a fellow canine in
A child's tale.

The head of Anubis,
The creature that lives in Africa,
A pet to the deity of death
In Egyptian mythology,
Weighing the weight of the heart
For the dead souls to be judged
To see if they will live with the Pharaohs
Or die with the rest of the world.

The guardian of the underworld,
Provoked by Charon, the boatman,
A three-headed dog with a serpent's head
At the end of its long tail,
Hades' favourite pet Cerberus,
The one who keeps the mortals
Such as Aeneas out and lets the
Souls of the dead in without a second thought.

One of Harry Potter's mystical monsters,
The one that guards the secret vault
That leads to the Sorcerer's Stone,
In which Hagrid finds his pet
To be quite wonderful,
A guard dog named Fluffy
Much like his cousin Cerberus;
Three heads to make one dog
And a snake at the end of its tail.

A man nicknamed Padfoot who
Turns into a dog to become
An Animagus to visit an old friend
Bitten by Fenrir Greyback.
A man framed for murder,
A convict from Azkaban,
A friend to James Potter,
Godfather to Harry himself,
He is man's best friend
And a man himself,
The man named Sirius Black.

A deity to the Native Americans,
He howls at the moon for his stupidity
And is wily in every way,
Though he makes mistakes,
He is still an interesting creature.

A wild animal in Australia,
Travelling in packs as well,
Companion to the Aborigines,
As described in Xavier Herbert's book,
It was accused for eating a baby,
And is another creature to be feared.

A feral animal travelling in packs,
Living in the deep Southwest
Out in the deserts of
Arizona and New Mexico,
Hunts the rodents for its dinner.

A companion to the caveman,
The Neanderthal who tries to survive,
A hunter with rabid teeth,
Travelling in packs,
Helps kill the mammoth of old.

Regulating the blood sugar of diabetes,
Barks when something smells wrong,
Notifying his owner,
The diabetic,
To take his medication
Or to put in insulin
So he doesn't die in the night.

Howling at the moon,
A sign of remorse for
Some wrong it has committed,
A complaint for its state of misery.
It lingers about,
Only to howl some more.

The trickster in fables,
Narcissistic and egocentric,
Seeking its own personal gain
By taking away from
The protagonist in some way,
Only to be tricked himself.

The character derived from ‘outfoxed, '
That sly old fellow who tricks every animal,
Even the wolf and the lion,
Into playing into his trap,
Enacting according to his whims.
A deceptive, creative liar,
A confidence man at heart,
He teaches the proud a lesson—
They aren't as powerful as they think.

The character in a fairy tale
Outsmarted by a bunch of pigs.
He blew the houses down,
Only to realize bricks were
Difficult to break in the first place.

Victims of Michael Vick,
They fought each other to the death
Until their throats were slashed,
Their arteries torn,
And the blood drained from their bodies,
Inhumanely killed from the fight.

A Danish breed known for its
Great height and wit,
Taking the persona of
The cartoon dog that solves mysteries
And the other dog that breaks everything.
Scooby-Doo, Marmaduke, and Astro,
Dogs of old in the 1960s cartoons,
Whether on a comic strip,
A movie voiced by Owen Wilson,
A cartoon involved in solving mysteries,
Or the Jetsons figuring out the future,
The Great Dane lives in our hearts.

Known for being purely bred,
These dogs are good for competitions
In which they are examined for beauty,
Performance, and obedience.
But health problems come with them,
So they are asked to be cared for entirely.

Found in the humane society,
They are mixed breeds,
Something that cannot compete
But are still to be loved anyway.

Found at my grandmother's house
Before she passed away,
They lived with her like pets and friends
Even though they were strays from the woods.
Loved like always,
They were beautiful and sweet,
Loved by all who saw them.

A creature in mythology
Said to be a man and a wolf
Who turns into the monster
When the moon is full,
Howling at it,
A killing machine,
Something to be feared
Unless one wants to be bitten himself
To become the damned thing,
Consuming everything in its tracks,
And killing human beings sevenfold.

The creature that raised Remus and his brother,
A Roman deity known for its respect,
To be loved and cherished by them,
Known for its ferocity and formidability.

A nuisance to farmers,
Killing their livestock,
Hunted for their skins,
Making them an endangered species.
Rescinded by the EPA,
Populations slowly came back,
Making them more improved.

The heart of Isle Royale,
Rarely seen by tourists and backpackers,
But when seen, a moment to cherish,
As Minong became their home.

A cartoon character with
Close ties to the ACME Corporation,
Ordering rockets, dynamite,
And other knickknacks to
Kill a bird for his dinner,
Only to be blown up himself.

A depressed dog who rarely smiles,
Always drooping over stupid stuff,
But ends up outsmarting his enemies,
Inexplicably finding happiness elsewhere.

A dog owned by Charlie Brown
Who has a mind of his own,
A dog house to sleep on,
A dream to fulfil,
And a heart to fly someday,
To shoot down the Red Baron for good.

Mickey Mouse's best friend,
Envious of other creatures,
Tries to be obedient,
But fails miserably.

A companion to Orion the Hunter,
Hunting beside him for game,
Fulfilling the age-old tradition
Of man and dog being friends.

A symbol of the Roman army,
Pack-minded people
Working as a collective
To conquer the world
As wolves conquer their prey.

A symbol of House Stark in Westeros,
The family that lives in Winterfell,
The House of the North
In the Seven Kingdoms
Who live in the snow,
Know winter is coming,
And fight like wolves in the North.

Stephenie Meyer's creation,
Popularising Team Jacob,
Making the werewolf look stupid
As Twilight ruins everything,
As well as Edward Cullen makes
Vampires look like idiots,
Compared to Anne Rice's own creation.

Named after a saint,
It saves lives by searching the perimeter,
Looking for the frostbitten man,
Delivering beverages to those lost in the Arctic.

A dog known for playing sports,
Playing football, basketball, and volleyball,
Athletic genes unknown,
Televised by Disney for
Children's entertainment.

A spotted breed that helps
Firemen put out fires,
And is known for its
One hundred one puppies,
Teaching pet owners
Dogs 101,
The basics to raising a canine.

A tooth classified for the family,
Large, sharp, and meat-tearing,
Shows the family of dogs.

A term given to a man
Who can't keep a dick in his pants,
A womaniser with no intention in mind,
Making himself look like a fool
As he is a sexist pig and
A promiscuous gigolo who
Brags about the many times
He's banged the target of his desire.

The lead female in the pack,
Known quote as ‘the bitch, '
Who has the authority over everyone
And has the privileges in the world.

The term ‘Alpha Male' rings in the ears
As the pack mentality is asserted,
The dog with the most power in the pack
Making it seem so true.

The alpha male in the company,
The CEO in charge,
Known for military commando style,
He fights for what is his,
As capitalism is a dog-eat-dog society.

The ill-tempered woman that
No one wants to date,
No sane man wants to marry
As she always has a bone to pick
Or a complaint to make,
But abuses the poor bastard
Who falls into her trap,
Emasculating him from every corner
As the ‘b' word rings in the ears.

The wolf-whistle from sexist pigs
Who let women know they
Are nothing but a piece of meet to them,
Just as wolves in a pack let their
Mates know in the same exact way.
Little respect to come from them,
Do not approach and be forewarned.

Used for herding sheep,
This dog is quite wily.
He chases them down,
A shepherd's companion,
Known for his wild personality.

A dog with barely any hair,
A French breed known as ‘Frenchy, '
Be careful not to step on him,
Or he will bite for sure.

A cute little lapdog with
A big furry face,
A Pomeranian, he is,
Playful and authoritative,
He makes the world go round.

A bark at the mailman showing his authority,
Thinking he will drive away,
And victory is success as
He goes down the road,
Making the dog satisfied.

A guide for the blind,
Watching the ground before you
To make sure all is safe
Before taking another step
And making you fall.

A love for playing catch,
Goes after the ball with little hesitation
And brings it back to you to play again.

Throw him the stick,
He will go fetch it;
Throw it far,
He will run after;
He will bring it back to you
Just to chase it one more time.

A puppy for your thoughts,
Big and fluffy,
Gnawing and teeting,
Scratching and napping,
But adorable beyond all belief
With their big eyes staring at you
So sadly and unbelievably cutely
As you bring it to your height
And cuddle it with your arms.

A beggar for food,
It sits at the table,
Tries every ploy to get it,
Failing miserably,
But barks and barks again
And puts its head in your lap,
Just to remind you its there.

Barks of different tones,
From ‘Pet me' to ‘Feed me'
To ‘Let me get a drink from the toilet, '
The dogs never fail to communicate,
Especially if they want to go outside.

A sniffer for things,
A curious nose,
It goes around the house,
Never ceasing to find something new to smell.

Throw it the Frisbee,
And it will chase it;
Throw it higher,
And it will jump.
It will be happy to play.

Tug-of-war is a favourite sport;
Just let it guide you away,
And its playfulness will be your guide;
Just give it the time of the day.

Give it a dog treat,
And it will be your best friend,
Teach it new tricks,
And you will have lots of fun.

The all-seeing eye in the
Middle of the night,
Scaring off the neighbours
With its extra loud bark,
Making sure they're never seen again.

The Labrador retriever named Marley
Whom everyone knew and loved,
The worst dog in the world,
But loved anyway.

Kasee the cocker spaniel
Who barked at everything that moved;
Guard dog and unfriendly in some ways,
Crazy as crazy can be.

The dog that bit my mother's foot,
Protecting me from its rabid bite,
As I was still a child,
And it feral and rabid,
Vicious as vicious could be.

Alex the Burmese mountain dog,
A friendly dog who never barked,
Ate Elyse's cake and loved people,
But never barked at a soul.

Lucy the beagle who's small as can be,
Loving as a loving dog,
But has a stubborn personality,
A vindication about her
When she hates to be disappointed.

Hollyfield the mutt whom
We loved so much,
A human in training for sure,
Begged for food,
Barked to be pet,
A spoiled little brat, to be certain,
And waited his turn for the bathroom
To drink from the toilet himself.

Cody the crazy Labrittany,
The one who loves to play,
Makes us all laugh due to
His daftness in his empty skull,
But is adorable in no other way.

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