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Poems About: HUMOR

In this page, poems on / about “humor” are listed.
  • 1.
    Sense Of Humor Of Time

    Time plays a game with me.
    A monetary game.
    My wife also knows how well
    time plays this game read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 2.
    A Sense of Humor (A Satirical Moral) ...

    ' A Sense of Humor... '

    (A Satirical Moral) read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 3.
    Art of Humor

    The parody, the comic
    The irony, the slapstick 
    The comedy, the joke
    There are many names of humor read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 4.

    Tsars, Kings, Emperors,
    sovereigns of all the earth,
    have commanded many a parade,
    but they could not command humor. read more »

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko
  • 5.

    Humor has it's place,
    in all relationships.
    Creates a wondrous space,
    a jolly partnership. read more »

    Philo Yan
  • 6.
    Please, O God of Humor

    Please, O God of Humor, give me the gift of being funny
    naturally funny
    so I can produce poetry and verse that tickles
    and makes readers laugh so much their coins roll out of their wallets; read more »

    Raj Arumugam
  • 7.
    Who Knows What I Did But Its Funny

    Maybe is humor
    Laughs now. read more »

    Gengis Capote
  • 8.
    Baby, You Did It

    Once upon a time-
    I was down and depressed
    Baby, you turned it upside down
    With your company read more »

    Maya Hanson (mye3 poet)
  • 9.
    Essence Of Sense Of Humor

    It’s the rarest of the commodities
    It’s a gift possessed by few
    Yes I’m talking about sense of humor
    It has an essence that’s absolutely new read more »

    Sumeet Mukherjee
  • 10.
    A Ring Of Honor

    A ring of humor, that I came to own
    Along with it, a heart of stone
    Given with love, accepted with a smile
    Only to have it last, just for a while read more »

    Stanley Oguh
  • 11.
    Bob Gibson

    Bob Gibson a poet and a humorist the wit from his pen freely flow
    He does seem a character of sorts in his work his personality show
    One of the great wits of Poemhunter such characters as Bob are rare
    With us boring addicts of the Internet his humor he is willing to share read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 12.
    Humor Heals

    Hidden hopes help heal
    Honest humans hopelessly
    Hindered however happily
    Hoping helplessly read more »

    Lento Maez
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