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Poems About: HOWL

In this page, poems on / about “howl” are listed.

  • 49.
    The Wind Howled

    The Wind Howled

    And the wind howled
    To mark the time read more »

    Dave Dunn aka Rhumour
  • 50.
    'A howling at the fouling'


    People a howling
    at dogs a fouling read more »

    Michael Micmac Mccrory
  • 51.
    Head Howl

    Not everyone can get
    the things running down on your little head
    not every single person can see
    the things twirling on your twisted head read more »

    Katerina Val
  • 52.
    The Lone White Wolf: The Hunt

    As the first day of the new moon creeps into the trees, no wolf among the pack gathers to see the light overcome the darkness to bring in the new day except the lone white wolf. This peculiar wolf is almost solid white except for the black along the length of his nose. It watches over the pack as they peacefully sleep, unaware of his eyes that could protect everything that was soon to come.

    Today was the first day of the long hunt for the white wolf. He must bring down an animal that could feed the whole pack for several days, so he could become an official member of the pack, but more importantly, he must prove himself to be one with the pack instead of running alone. read more »

    Matthew Bresette
  • 53.

    He looks like a fish
    she looks like a freak
    he, crawling in deep waters
    she, drowned in her shallowness read more »

    Katerina Val
  • 54.
    Grey Wolf

    I ran with the wolves
    Howled at night's full moon read more »

    Midnights Voice
  • 55.

    The darkness blacks out the sky
    The clouds fly by
    The lightning sparks like a lighter
    The moon makes the sky brighter read more »

    freddy roach
  • 56.
    The Madman's Song

    Oh, let us howl some heavy note,
    Some deadly-dogged howl,
    Sounding as from the threatening throat read more »

    John Webster
  • 57.

    Silver moon
    Silver eyes
    Grey coat
    White snow, read more »

    darkness reigns
  • 58.

    You are not alone
    Howling up to the inviting glow of the moon
    Beautiful She-Wolf read more »

    Maurice Rowlands
  • 59.
    Star boy

    What kind of woman do you want
    Star boy?
    My intellect was never strong enough
    to keep you. read more »

    Pia Andersson
  • 60.
    Wolf's Cry

    Like a wolf that howls at the moonlit skies
    I beseech you to remove her from my eyes
    And remove from me the sweet madness of love
    As the wolf howls at the skies above. read more »

    Krantol Northic
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