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In this page, poems on / about “howl” are listed.

New Howl Poems

  1. Simply Spoken Changing Times, Heather Burns
  2. Mothra Rules, Kevin Patrick
  3. While Demons Dance, Eric Paeplow
  4. time passes, does it not, Raj Arumugam
  5. The Wind, Stella Kuhl
  6. Ringed Moon, Gustav Suits
  7. Pond Water, Naveed Akram
  8. Alone in this Fight, Ketti Somethingoranother
  9. Your dearest love, Filip Nielsen
  10. Mr. Candidate's Criteria, Pranab K. Chakraborty
  11. Call Of the Wolf, Eleanor Byrne
  12. My Child Is Kidnapped, Eleonor Santiago
  13. The Scorcher and the Howling Swell, Banjo Paterson
  14. Hell's Fury, Lento Maez
  15. Grey Wolf, Midnights Voice
  16. Earth Music, Daniel Brick
  17. Wolf, Maurice Rowlands
  18. Wind, Graeme Boast
  19. Autumn, Graeme Boast
  20. The Night Watchman, Dorothy Sinha
  21. Howling, Lynn Anne Brown
  22. 144 Syllables On A Winter Morning, Joshua Lewis White
  23. The Wind, Elia Michael
  24. After The Storm, Lisa Weeks
  25. Scream, Kathryn Kubacki
  26. Howling Wolf, Gemma Heaney
  27. Wind, Elia Michael
  28. The Wolf Within, Shelbie Hale
  29. Winter, Nero CaroZiv
  30. The Moon Of Old, Sofia Vigo
  31. hoot and howl of night, sallam yassin
  32. Hound Of The Plain, John Conway
  33. Winter tanka, Diana Rosser
  34. The Wolf King, Tristan Niggemann
  35. the Hunt, John Wollenzien
  36. The scenes of a ruined heart, Romeo D. Matshaba
  37. The Moment, Johann Thorarensen
  38. Bright Horizon, Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known ..
  39. Razors In The Wind, James Aykroyd
  40. Parrot Silencing, Ilko Alexandrov
  41. The drear, Emmanuel George Cefai
  42. Canyon Wind, Jane Johnson
  43. Levchin, Edward Kofi Louis
  44. Wall, wallet!, Edward Kofi Louis
  45. Sickness! !, Edward Kofi Louis
  46. Maybe We, John Courtney
  47. Leaves, Roman Tunkel
  48. The Howl And Human Habitation, Bijay Kant Dubey
  49. Eyes of the Wolf, Micah Krahn
  50. Zoophagous Sounds, Saiom Shriver
  51. flow, bruce butler
  52. A Sad Song, Norman Santos
  53. Good Night, Debanjan Dhar
  54. Anyango, Charles Jagongo
  55. The wolf, Poetheart (back)
  56. Family?, Shadow Vanity
  57. Murmurings Of The Morning, Jerry Behr Number 2
  58. The howl in the night, Brianna Woomer
  59. Haiku #5, Tabir Alam
  60. Mooo-ooooon, Chiban Kokoru
  61. Doberman, Tanner Herndon
  62. January Full Moon, Susan Gabriel
  63. On Peace, Navtej Bharati
  64. Coyotes Howling, Patricia Kelley
  65. The Old Ones, David Lewis Paget
  66. I Remember You, Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo
  67. After The Storm, Ruby Honeytip
  68. The Lone Wolf (Haiku), Octavious Harper
  69. Perseverance, Giorgio Venetopoulos
  70. Moonshine Prophecy, Plague Rose
  71. Middle of the Day Boyfriends, Robert Rorabeck
  72. Little Red, Cynthia Grieser
  73. 21st November 2012 [Haiku No.1], David James Crapper
  74. Moon Dance, Denis Martindale
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