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  • 373.

    The moon calls to me
    A dark message of the wolfs howl
    A yellow moonlight feed to me
    The strength in me grows
    A power i not often feel consumes my being

    A fear of me develops in the hearts of men
    The women dare not approach me
    Priests curse me to send me to hell
    All as my senses raise as i await for attack

    a Light of dim approaches
    I run

    Faster deeper into the unknown
    were darkness consumes even the most bold of hearts
    and death grasps the souls of the righteous

    The light continues to follow its demise

    a crack of sticks under foot
    The shuffling of creatures unknown
    The hiss of the silent unknown wind

    The unwary approach me

    Unknowing of there death resides in the darkness

    She becomes visible in the yellow moonlight
    her beauty is revealed
    brown hair
    green eyes
    her soul untormenting

    My heart begs to leave her unharmed
    The taint inside forever grows though
    so i approach her
    death approaches her

    My howl to weaken the hearts of the strongest
    though she stands firm with love in her heart

    My taint grows ever stronger
    My murderous rage ready for another unwelcome soul
    But yet she remains calm
    Love remains in her heart

    I howl ready once again to take life
    But the rage

    It is gone

    Warmth returns to my blood
    My heart resumes control
    My form of the natural and once again i can love

    She had placed a hand on the chest of a beast
    and that hands remains still on the chest of a man

    I have been saved from the beast
    and i love her for it

    But the beast remains
    resting now

    the beast now no longer answers to the moon
    the beast now tamed answers to love. read more »

  • 374.
    Lazy Someday

    A wild wind blew
    It howled and cursed read more »

  • 375.
    to live, to love

    falling too fast
    time is no longer at hand
    howls sound near
    life’s in our hands read more »

  • 376.
    the city

    the howling wind carried me
    I’ve had nothing
    but my useless scarred skin read more »

  • 377.
    Howling hound

    Call out my name
    Like a howling hound

    On the hills above read more »

  • 378.
    learning the fear games

    it is midnight and i hear
    again the howls
    of the distant coyotes
    somehow read more »

  • 379.
    In The Territory of The Gerasenes

    From deep inside
    I heard them,
    howling hatred
    lashing me with my own hands read more »

  • 380.
    The Hounds Howl At Night

    On nights such as this
    The hounds howl at night
    Evil is all around read more »

  • 381.

    Howls at the distance,

    Answered by that naked canine bark, read more »

  • 382.
    Jer Fase

    covered in blood and oil
    sweat falls on foreign sand
    wind incesant
    howling read more »

  • 383.
    To Be One with my Own

    The valleys are all green

    The Birds are all flying and animals howling read more »

  • 384.
    New arrival

    Every time I wake up

    When he howls with hunger read more »

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