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Poems About: HORSE

In this page, poems on / about “horse” are listed.

  • 49.
    Just a Horse

    A friend died recently
    Our hearts filled with remorse
    Some may not understand
    They’ll say, “He was just a horse” read more »

    Ron Secoy
  • 50.
    Mary's Gators

    Mary had a little horse
    the horse was just a pony,
    the horse had hooves and balls of course
    but ate no maccaroni. read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 51.
    The old stallion

    The proud stallion roamed the open range
    Free and wild fight to death to protect his
    heard For many years the stallion an all
    the horses Roamed this land wild an free read more »

    Jackie Kirby
  • 52.
    telling the truth

    Telling of Truths
    A brown horse galloped across a snowy field at the end
    of the pasture a fence, it jumped over and continued its
    crazy gallop into the woods only came to a shuddering read more »

    oskar hansen
  • 53.
    Give Way

    I know a man from Lancashire
    who had a horse and cart for hire.
    The horse was old but the cart is strong,
    somehow together they didn't belong. read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 54.
    X Diary 07 Happy Sam And The Magic Horse

    A Children's Tale

    Once upon a time
    There was a little boy called Happy Sam read more »

    Stewart McKenzie
  • 55.
    ***Horse Draws Man a Cow

    'Stupid Cow! ' prospective mother in law hissed
    Princess Bride, shimmering 'Old Horse', and giggled
    Banishing each other to their hindly quarters
    Loving Colt today also a dashing groom hoofed, in bridles read more »

    Sylvi Sylva
  • 56.
    A Horse Life

    In a horse life.We can play with a burlap feed
    bag, an empty milk jug, or chew on the barn stall
    door.Just to kill some time, or to kill some every
    day bordom.In a horse life.We get names like read more »

    Kim Robin Edwards
  • 57.
    Lovely To His Eyes (Hybridanelle)

    A farmer walks up to his horse and it is spring again
    in the distance there’s ploughing red Massy Ferguson tractor
    and he bridles the horse and there is pain read more »

    Gert Strydom
  • 58.
    If Only Wishes Were Horses, Part 2

    I dream and dream and dream
    And dream and dream and dream,
    And keep on crying and praying
    For chariots many and huge horses - read more »

    Comfort Ndlovu
  • 59.
    I Ride My Horse

    I feel the wind
    I hear the birds
    I ride my horse
    As I sing words read more »

    Horse Poet
  • 60.
    The Horses Of The Sea

    The horses of the sea
    Rear a foaming crest,
    But the horses of the land
    Serve us the best. read more »

    Christina Georgina Rossetti
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