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Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.

  • 97.
    Song Of The Season

    Shortlisting my dreams
    I drop costly car
    for a car read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 98.

    Hope is a candle in the night
    Hope is a long respite. read more »

    Nivedita Chatterjee
  • 99.

    why have you been dashed
    by unknown people?
    Why have you not given hope read more »

    Olujobi Jedidiahz
  • 100.
    Hope Your Happy With Your Life

    I hope your happy with your life
    I hope your happy with all you do
    I hope you see what you have done
    I hope you see that this is all wrong read more »

    Ralph Acosta
  • 101.
    I Hope

    I hope you’re not to poor.
    I hope your feeling better,
    I hope you get this message I send to you in a letter, read more »

    Neil Glass
  • 102.

    Hope is the fire of the heart,
    and the light in the dark.

    Hope for peace. read more »

    Brandon Pak Ken So
  • 103.
    I hope I hope

    I hope I hope
    You will come
    You will come to me
    To take me. read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 104.
    Simply Alone

    Simply alone as an angel cries
    Becoming empty as all her
    Hope hides
    Simply alone she sits by a window read more »

    susan covington
  • 105.
    I HOPE

    I hope
    That a friend in need
    Is a freind indeed
    And i hope read more »

    lana andrews
  • 106.
    Hope May

    Hope comes like a shining light
    Hope comes when there is no way in sight
    When you lose your heart you lose it all
    But Hope is always there to catch you when you fall read more »

    Tami Gee
  • 107.

    In every dawn,
    you find hope
    Hope for a new day
    & enjoy it blissfully. read more »

    chanchal dhakal
  • 108.

    Hope is the walking dream; hope is the name of life
    hope is half success
    Hope can do everything, if the courage is in the heart
    Hopeless makes hopple in the legs as well as manacles in us read more »

    Sajad Wani
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