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I Live In Hope (In Memory Of Martin Luther King Jr.) - Poem by Danny Draper

I live in hope that one day
We will live in a world
Without discrimination and bigotry
Where our children will know love
Without division or agenda,
One race, the human race
Where love is acceptance and respect,
Where difference is celebrated and valued
To unify, strengthen and enrich us
by its diversity.

I live in hope that one day
All women and children
will be safe, day and night
To live without fear and violence
And our children will be cherished
and nurtured and loved
Without molestation
And will grow in strength
Physically with freedom of imagination
For a strong and robust tomorrow.

I live in hope that one day
All women:
Our mothers, sisters, daughters,
nieces, partners, grandmothers,
Aunties, neighbours, colleagues,
friends and strangers
Will be valued inherently with dignity
And the birth rights of girls and boys
as equals will be assured
without contest or question.

I live in hope that one day
All individuals will be valued
for their intrinsic worth,
knowledge, lifes efforts, experiences,
creativity and decency
And not be judged and devalued
by preconceived ideas of gender,
Appearance or diasabilities,
I live in hope that one day
All of us as people, whether
Gay, straight, transgendered,
bisexual or intersexed,
Abled or disabled,
All as equals
can be proud of who we are
and of each other
Respectful of our differences
and abilities.

I live in hope that one day
Those seeking refuge
From oppression and tyranny
Will be accepted and not despised
And not detained for daring
to seek a better life
for themselves and their children
And will not suffer the inhumanity,
indignity and injustice of imprisonment
indefinitely without charge for the only
Crime of exercising a human right.

I live in hope that one day
Our politicians will lead
for the greater good and
stand up for that which is right
Regardless of petty point scoring
and posturing,
I live in hope that one day
The honour bestowed on politicians
Will match the honour
And dignity of the character
of the average hard working
woman and man
for whom the word honour
Cannot be applied.

I live in hope that one day
Those who subscribe to a god
are not corrupted by its allure
and self-righteous bigotry
That exclusive membership engenders
And can show those whom choose no god,
the same courtesy and respect
that they themselves so fervently demand.
I live in hope.

I live in hope that one day
Bigotry and discrimination
Will be archaic
And acceptance and respect
Will be the only currency
And people will not recall another way
And all the old energy wasted on hatred
Can be directed to improving lives
And our precious Earth,
I live in hope.
I live in hope that our dreams
Can be realized today
to make a better and just world.

I live in hope that together
With understanding and love
we can bring
Our hopes alive.

Comments about I Live In Hope (In Memory Of Martin Luther King Jr.) by Danny Draper

  • Veteran Poet - 1,719 Points Josey Alfred (4/23/2015 1:32:00 AM)

    Halo DAnny,
    You are very thoughtful and have a very deep sense of inequality that is so much evident in our world and let us all pray and wait for that magnificent day, in which our dream of love, compassion, and decent human existence is possible and really exist. The basic problem is we all are selfish to a great extent, and we are not willing to forgo
    Even a bit of our holding or comfort to help our brothers or sisters, and many are eager to exploit others.
    This being the case, only miracle can make a change. I have a small poem The. Fence. Pse read it. That is our basic behaviour. (Report) Reply

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  • Silver Star - 4,126 Points Susan Lacovara (1/20/2015 10:02:00 PM)

    I discovered this poem, epic, in it's wealth and timely in it's unfolding....for today, a day after the United States celebrates MLK Jr. Day... And as his speeches still sound court loudly, for those of us who believe in the basic and ongoing struggle for human rights, for all....so too, the echoed voice of Danny Draper is heard, and applauded, as he believes in the hope....I pray for the PEACE. Wonderful declaration. Thank you for the privilege to read it, and sign on! (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 55,872 Points Valsa George (2/28/2013 10:13:00 PM)

    Wonder how I missed this WONDERFUL poem! How we all long for the dawn of such a world, if it ever happens! To visualize such a world in our imagination in itself is so noble! How as a teenager I used to get thrilled by that great speech of Martin Luther King (Jr) when it was prescribed in our High School Reader! ! A brilliant poem Danny! (Report) Reply

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