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Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.

  • 241.
    The one I did not become

    Hope the sun shine so bright
    To make your day bright
    Hope the birds can sing
    The song I used to sing read more »

    sweet seven
  • 242.

    Hopes make the world look gold,
    or that is what I've been told.
    Hopes make the world go round,
    to bad we're on the ground. read more »

    Andrea Szyhowski
  • 243.
    Words Of Hope

    Hope to hold on,
    Hope to believe in,
    Hope to faith,
    Hope to trust, read more »

    Jocelyn Dunbar
  • 244.
    I hope...

    You are a wonderful person,
    And I hope you know that,
    Because you deserve to, read more »

    Kathryn Miller
  • 245.

    Hope is something u hold on to.
    Hope dont let go.
    Hope keeps on going.
    Hope is a good thank to have. read more »

    Trenay Anderson
  • 246.
    I Hope

    I hope you hear me
    I hope you see me
    I hope you understand that I can't do this anymore
    Its not you its me I fell out of love with you. read more »

    Ivory Harris
  • 247.
    I hope still

    i hope still that one day,
    one day you will finally settle on me
    i hope still that one day,
    one day you will love me completely read more »

    Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga
  • 248.

    Hope is what wakes you up each morning with a smile
    Hope is a Hug_a family hug, a friend hug_a lover hug_a child's hug
    They all signify CARE
    Hope is a smile when someone you care for smiles at you read more »

    Bonnie Cameron
  • 249.
    Keep The Faith

    Hard not to hope
    For things that seem
    can never be read more »

    David Whalen
  • 250.
    I hope our future will be

    read more »

    breanna lashell brownlee
  • 251.
    happy birthday (to whome ever belong)

    it is your birthday
    filled with cheer
    it is your birthday
    this year read more »

    hot 'N cold
  • 252.

    Fear can kill a man
    But hope still stands
    Because hope is greater than fear,
    And when the end is near, read more »

    Maelea Mercado
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