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Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.

  • 229.
    your gone

    I hope you come
    and than smile to me
    I hope you come
    and than stroking my hair read more »

    Farah Saufika M
  • 230.
    To My Best Friend. With Love.

    Doesn't that get boring?
    I hope you cry at night
    When there isn't anymore light read more »

    Jennifer Alejandra
  • 231.

    On the other side of the border, I have my hopes there
    Kerala to Casablanca, I travel within seconds
    And my hopes O my hopes
    Even from the Pacific to the Ganges, read more »

    Ahmed Toslim
  • 232.
    `I Hope`

    I hope
    I know it's stupid to hope
    it always seems so pointless
    so useless read more »

    No Reason To Care
  • 233.
    When I Wish A Wish

    When I wish a wish,
    I hope a hope,
    That no one knows,
    Not even a pope, read more »

    Hannah Unknownnnnnn
  • 234.

    hope is the rack whice i hang my dreams upon.
    carefully placing one article of my future on hope.

    hope is the box which i place my thoughts in gingerly folding my aspirations into trying. read more »

    Papillion Hejduk
  • 235.
    I hope.............................

    If the world envies me,
    I hope that you'll always be there to protect me...

    If the world blames me, read more »

    Neha Aradhye
  • 236.

    i sit and write my feelings out
    hoping you will see
    hoping that one day you will
    understand me read more »

    sandy nobody
  • 237.

    Hope for a new beginning, headed who knows where?
    No need to hope I will round each bend with you –
    I’ll be there read more »

    Robert Hiers
  • 238.
    One Day

    I hope one day ill see you standing here,
    I hope one day you'll be there for me again.
    I hope one day, you'll realize both of us were wrong.
    I hope one day we could be the way we were. read more »

    angela coon
  • 239.

    I hope that fear never touches you
    and if it does I hope you know your bravado to look it in the eye and walk right past it
    I hope you know you have wings
    wider than most people’s, read more »

    Darshpreet Raheja
  • 240.

    In time like this
    I hope that people will have compassion toward others
    In time like this
    I hope that people will learn to use their good manners read more »

    Aldo Kraas
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