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Hope - Poem by william cunningham

One way of coping is having hope
Because if you don't have hope you don't have belief
Without belief
You are nothing
Your life isn't really worth living
Because you'll start moving
Without a motive
So just do it
Without hope you don't have anything
Without hope you can't chase a dream
You'll be hopeless later on in life
I think I need to find a better life
If I want to take my dream chasing further
Because I could just close the curtain
And the shows over
So take cover
And just imagine how you want your life to be
Then pick yourself up
And grab your hope
So you can go and chase your dreams
You can then say I'm all over these magazines
Just do it please
I don't want to get on my knees
Because there's no need
You know you can do it
But you feel like a helpless wreck
So don't stress out over dreams
You need to stop eating whipped cream
Because we are about to go onto main stream
So please don't shut down
Because others may fall down
Just jump down
And party like you've come back from frowning
Because your not counting
So stop pouncing
Because its bouncing around in my head
And its making me stress
Because I've got competition trying to be the best
But I feel like I'm a guest
I'm just on a conquest
But I ain't losing
I feel like I'm cruising
But I'm just moving
So stop concluding
Because its painful
Its just half full
So don't pull
Because you ain't got your hope yet
So stop acting like your a threat
Because you could not of kept
Your hope
You must have faith like the pope
You gotta be able to cope
You have to learn to say nope
Because your gonna have to float
Don't waste your money on expensive coats
Because you'll end up broke
Don't sniff coke
And build up your hope
So your faith can rise
So you can fly
And be up high
Without a sigh
So I can hope I won't die
I'm passing by
Because the view point is gone
I wish there was someone like you
With a beautiful voice
To continue singing a song
Even tho I'd be gone
But I'll hope I'm still here
Beside you
To drive you up and onwards
Leading you on the right path of your destiny
So then you don't have to collect the rest of me
Because I'll be on the edge
All it would take is a little wedge
But I'll pledge
That I'll keep up my hope
So you can believe that I'll be able to cope
Because everything is slipping away like soap
Its because I ain't learned how to float
I've asked people for a quote
But they've told me to go with the flow
Because they see me being apart of the show
I feel like a little glow
Glowing deep in the forrest
Because its repping my hope
I'll shine brighter than the stars
As long as your hitting the bars
I'll be driving these big red cars
Just to show you I have no flaws
Even tho I've been clawed at
I've poured myself a drink
Because I've been at the brink
Where I've sunken deep into the sea
Because I never thought about the fee
But my hope has risen
My hope has grew
Its as strong as ever
I never thought that it would be as strong as this
I don't feel anything wrong
Because all the pain is gone
Now I can relax
And chill out with the facts
Because I've packed up
Ready to leave
Because I'm ready
Ready to live my dreams
Because my hope guided me
As well as the people who stood by me
They made my hope strong
So I knew nothing could go wrong
So now I'm gone

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