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Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.

  • 109.
    i hope

    i hope some day you feel my pain.
    i hope some day you hurt the same.
    i hope your heart breaks just like mine,
    i hope you learn in the hands of time. read more »

    Ashley Sueanna Knight
  • 110.

    Hope can help one through life
    Hope can help one through death
    Hope is what keeps us alive
    Hope for a new day read more »

    Joe Johnson
  • 111.

    I hope you smile and never cry read more »

    RiRi S...
  • 112.
    To Write

    A poem
    To me a ray of hope
    Where more likely than not
    None shall shine read more »

    Christopher Taber
  • 113.

    I've heard hopes enough,
    Enough to keep you alive,
    They say that hopes a joyous feeling,
    Hope that they''ll come back, read more »

    Holly Heron
  • 114.
    Hoping that she loves me

    Hoping that she loves me
    Hoping every day
    Hoping that she trusts me
    Hoping all the way read more »

    Bradley Lester
  • 115.

    I hope you find all that you want
    The love and kindness I cannot give
    I hope you can replace me
    Let go of all your sins read more »

    Rose Marie Cook
  • 116.
    I Hope

    I hope
    We can be like this forever
    I hope
    We can holding hands each other read more »

    Shyuki Nawaii
  • 117.
    i hope

    i hope
    you will always be there mom
    i hope your not mad at when i don't do the dishes
    promise me read more »

    AMANDA Lynch
  • 118.
    Never Give Up On Hope

    Never give up on hope never give up who knows what tomorrow will bring
    Keep on hoping for a happier future for hope is a marvellous thing
    Lady luck she may smile on you good things come to those who wait
    Who knows in the not distant future you may have cause to celebrate read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 119.


    I hope to be famous
    I hope to be rich read more »

    Nez Nut
  • 120.
    I Hope God Hears Me

    so I always know what to say
    I hope God hears me speak
    because peace is what I seek read more »

    Tashi Coote
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