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We'Re Not Ashamed Of Ourselves - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Life, in its great extension, is built on credibility and Honesty in dealing with anything around us, In our current time we tend to be much more enthusiastic to Avoid, to some extent, moral terms like credibility and honesty
Due to our materialistic matters and personal ones, We have abandoned ourselves and thrown ourselves in the hands of
Our interests and our narrow horizons of our greed, If we ask our computers a certain question a bout a certain issue
We find the computer shuts down out of something we don't know it,
But we, unlike the computers, immediately ready to be obedient to
Our desires and depending on our narrow and hollow interests,
We have become different and unaccepted in our real life due to
Our limitless expansion and extension in dealing with things, Life has taught us great lessons and has given us pretty terms,
But we have abandoned and refused all that is clear and pure,
We're in a different time and in a different age due to different
Changes happened while we were in great and complete oblivion,
It's our life that has imposed sanctions on us because we did not
Pay true and clear attention to pretty things around us, The more we come closer to our pretty mottoes and pretty principles
The more we become accurate and straight in dealing with things,
Life is the core issue in our pretty issues we tend to make them
Nicer and sweeter especially in the good and hard times, and
In a word, we have chosen to be in a way and not to be as our
Whereabouts want us and everything that matters to us. We are never ashamed of what we've done and what we are doing in
Our current time and in a different age. Our current age is different, our time is different, our mottoes Are different, our computers are different, and we are completely Different.

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