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Poems About: HONESTY

In this page, poems on / about “honesty” are listed.

  • 325.
    Look in the mirror

    If you looked in the mirror
    what would you see
    a face full of anger and hypocrisy
    would you study the eyes read more »

    Charles M. Moore
  • 326.
    Another Betrayal

    He was my brother until now,
    a trusted friend who shared
    a childhood of great dreams
    who read the stories of the blood read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 327.
    (2003) The Chaos of Wanting Someone

    up and down
    all around
    falling and rising
    crashing to the ground read more »

    Deana Rode
  • 328.
    Grave Stripper

    Stop stripping on my undigged grave,
    Listen to the name it silently gave,
    Remember when I book this place,
    It was when you threw its mud on my face, read more »

    voldy rules
  • 329.
    Melodious Voyage

    Falling star wishes
    Past dreams foretell
    Dusty nursury rhymes
    Of little boy blue read more »

    Pat Weddle
  • 330.
    Screenplay of Liars

    “Brilliance” says the liar
    Captivating the fraud
    Honesty only stretches as far as a kind word
    Which drips with fake enthusasium read more »

    Abby Wesson
  • 331.
    Ceremonial Mercy

    Clouds veil the Moon
    as I cover you in myself
    Bathe you in my lovely blood
    Dress you up in scarred skin. read more »

    Laura Russell
  • 332.

    I need your Trust
    If not I'll be crush,
    I need your honesty,
    If not, I don't need your policy, read more »

    Margo Reid
  • 333.
    Mr. Right

    He's loving and kind, working hard for a living
    With me on his mind, he's thoughtful and giving
    Handling my fragile heart with the utmost care
    He's a tough and tender teddy bear read more »

    Myra Jefferson
  • 334.
    Mind Help

    Place the message in your mind
    And reveal it to the watchers around.
    Place the obsession of the mind read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 335.
    Standard Practice

    And the lies that lay between the sheets
    Turn and twist and writhe as smoke from ash;
    Burnt black by the honesty I see
    In your eyes, read more »

    Joy Vanderhelm
  • 336.
    I love my idea of you

    this idea of you is great it's only and idea because
    I know you don't want more I've huged you many times
    but each time was different I've kissed you but once
    in your words I could feel the end of an idea, it felt so real read more »

    Jackie Trujillo
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