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Poems About: HOMEWORK

In this page, poems on / about “homework” are listed.

  • 37.
    School Kids

    Picking nose
    Doing homework constantly
    Bad taste in clothes read more »

    Emma Alberts
  • 38.
    'To Do' List Of A Klutz, A.K.A Yours Truly

    Goals to attain:
    Today I shall:
    -lose my pencil
    -lose my homework read more »

    Leslie Ching
  • 39.
    chose a path

    there are two paths
    in front of me
    i want to hang out
    but i have homework read more »

    Ashley Kaufman
  • 40.
    school = rubbish

    school i hate
    now who dosen't
    today i got a date
    but he was a minger (ryan blann) read more »

    shaz 8j reynolds
  • 41.

    Hot dogs
    No school
    Ice cream read more »

    jamaica albro
  • 42.

    Leave him alone
    He is not like you
    Can't you see?
    He study very hard read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 43.

    Cheerful, Joy
    Laughing, Hugging, Kissing
    Friends, Family, Chores, Homework
    Yelling, Shouting, Screaming read more »

    alesha Mills
  • 44.
    No More Homework, No More Tests

    (I was going through my cousins papers after he died and found this. I decided to put this up here today... he left all his works of peoetry to me and some of them we wrote together. I may start to put up some of his poetry on here, i dunno.)

    No more homework! No more tests!
    We the students of the USA certainly agree, read more »

    Jinx Natta
  • 45.

    I don't have my homwok today
    I'm sorry to annouce
    I did my homework yesterday
    But my dog had eaten it in a single pounce read more »

    Silverlight Guessmylastname
  • 46.

    There's a place on the other
    side of the pain
    called "Homework in child hood time"
    And read more »

  • 47.
    I Ate My Homework For Brekky

    I ate my homework for brekky,
    whilst tying on my shoes.
    I had a sidecourse of spaghetti,
    but my poor dog had the blues. read more »

    Abdul Naheesapolotomis
  • 48.
    Vicious Homework

    It’s obvious that English
    Is not my favorite class
    And Mrs. Knight, my teacher
    Doesn’t think that I will pass read more »

    Mercedes Zoller
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