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Poems About: HOME

In this page, poems on / about “home” are listed.

  • 337.
    Why Do You Cry, Mirror at Narita?

    Is it that you cannot bear to

    hear the heartbeats of Elena so young, read more »

    Elmer Sayre
  • 338.
    Where Home Is...

    Home ephemeral abode
    Where birds fly from
    Onto seasonal migratory flights
    Where soul goes read more »

    Leon Jaime Villegas
  • 339.

    L' home que je suis
    Not so forgiving
    L' home que je suis
    A christian read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 340.

    Let the song rhyme in your head
    Let God wash your heart and make it whiter than snow read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 341.
    My Home is Where My Heart is

    my home is where my heart is
    neither in palatial building
    nor in simple cabin read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 342.

    they say home is were the heart belongs
    all the places i have traveled all the wonders
    of the world read more »

    graham russell
  • 343.
    Days gone by

    Days gone by
    I never go anywhere
    These days I'm infected by home read more »

    Hunter Kejick
  • 344.
    Home? ?

    What is a heart without a home
    What is a rhyme without a poem
    My home feels wrong and it will not change
    I have lived there for so long but it feels so strange read more »

    cassy carmody
  • 345.

    A home is a place where family is their,
    where your always loved, and cared,
    Where you never feel out of place,
    And your never scared, read more »

    Brandie .....
  • 346.
    Still in Heart

    As we sit silent in our minds,
    sit silent in our homes,
    only the passing traffic tells
    of a life that rushing onwards goes. read more »

    David Taylor
  • 347.
    My Home

    A place
    Not just any place
    My place
    A house read more »

    Zachary Jessell
  • 348.
    Which is home?

    I was reluctant to leave home
    When I was sent to an old age home.
    Used to it, I hate my home. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
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