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The Darkness That I See - Poem by Claudia Krizay

Outside of my bedroom window early this morning
I could see children walking to school,
People hurriedly driving their cars to work,
Tall evergreen trees were swaying in the wind along the sidewalks close to my home-
At night, all I can see is darkness illuminated by the moon,
Stars that are shining brightly, so mysteriously and magnificently,
Though far away from my home.

At noon today I peer outside of my window,
I see cars rushing up and down the boulevard,
A few people walking, enjoying the wonders of nature and of
The evergreens swaying in the wind
Along the sidewalks close to my home.
At night I know all I will see is darkness illuminated by the moon
Stars that are shining brightly, so mysteriously and magnificently,
Though light years away from my home.

At dusk, the sun is shining on the horizon,
And slowly descending behind the mountains,
I see people driving home from a busy day at work and
Tall evergreens are swaying in a gentle evening breeze
Along the sidewalks close to my home.
Soon darkness shall take over, illuminated by the moon,
Stars shall be shining brightly, so mysteriously and magnificently-
At a vast distance away from my home.

There was a time I would look forward to the dawning of a new day,
The sun rising above mountains on the horizon,
Seeing the evergreens along the sidewalk as well as the other wonders of nature-
Days were everybody's reality, from the early dawning to the day's end,
But somehow this world had become a threatening and dangerous place for me-
Now when darkness takes over I marvel at the moon's rising in the night,
Those brilliant stars, light years away and I wonder if there is life
On other planets in the vastness of the universe?

I stand alone by my window every night marveling at the sight of Venus' rising-
Stars sparkling in the milky way of both my dreams and of my reality,
I have always been intrigued by the rings about Saturn and
I wonder if there are other planets billions of miles away from earth
Where life of some sort exists? I board my phantasmal spaceship after sundown
Traveling at the speed of light - it has been said that many dreams do come true,
As far from home and as removed from veracity as they may be.

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