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  • 49.
    Curiosity! ! !

    Curiously always on my mind as
    I'm always wanting to know things
    from the inside out.
    Like when Jesus Christ will come back from another
    Is there really a god who created this world?
    Or science was the purpose of all this?
    Are human really civilized
    or are we murders for the wars,
    massacres, the holocaust, and genocides.
    If god exists is it a man or women
    or a whole another species or
    better yet a spirit or a ghost?
    If heaven is real will it is paradise
    of what we really believe or
    will we just rot in our caskets?
    Curiously is not always good to be in your mind.
    It just that many beliefs and miracles
    leave a lot of questions in one’s mind,
    but since the beliefs and miracles
    are sometimes real and blissful to us
    that we don’t ask questions.
    Why we die?
    Why do we cheat?
    Why do we steal?
    And why do we kill one another?
    Now you see curiously can kill a man sometimes
    I only wished that these questions would be answered! read more »

  • 50.
    Partition and After

    Everybody wanted lion's share
    But were afraid to talk and dare
    They were to benefit from blood and holocaust
    People were to migrate soon and fast read more »

  • 51.
    hand some heals some kills

    hand-some heals some kills

    golden mirror from seoul korea
    beauty of seoul korea is here in India through the winds read more »

  • 52.
    Holocaust after partition

    It was holocaust after partition
    Little spark had resulted into ignition
    Brothers and neighbors turned into enemy
    It was never wish of any faith or almighty read more »

  • 53.


    Iron pipes that pierce the skyline. read more »

  • 54.
    A polluted thoughts

    Have we polluted ourselves completely?
    Is there any dramatic change very lately?
    Is there still any thing left to think seriously?
    There is serious matter danger looms large obviously read more »

  • 55.

    In the name of the Father,
    Crusaders sallied forth
    raping and murdering. read more »

  • 56.
    sleeping on the chest of July

    Beds burn, longing-
    Though I, have no desire

    I walk streets- read more »

  • 57.

    It birthed several summers ago
    as the undergrowth grew into a
    carpet of flammable fuel, waiting
    impatiently to explode. read more »

  • 58.
    I Must Understand

    It was plunder
    Lightening struck with thunder
    Big trees were uprooted
    As cyclone was unexpectedly routed read more »

  • 59.

    We of the human race do solemnly swear,
    we will not perish by nuclear holocaust or
    any other wrath. read more »

  • 60.

    Shayad Murdon Ki Basti Mein
    Bas Rahe Hain Hum
    Log Kitne Bejaan, Berukhe Se Hain
    Gham Ke Sannate Mein read more »

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