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Poems About: HOLOCAUST

In this page, poems on / about “holocaust” are listed.

  • 349.
    I've Seen The Devil (And He Looks Like You)

    I've watched people in this world,
    do evil things to each other,
    I've seen them do evil things to the ones,
    that they love and cherish, read more »

    Robert Rumery
  • 350.

    You who were the 'Chosen',
    you who suffered long.
    You who wore the yellow star,
    The victims of great wrongs. read more »

    Bill Mitton
  • 351.
    Trivia Questions

    Before you
    there was nothing
    and after
    you, there will be nothing. read more »

    Carl A.I.
  • 352.

    Bugles blare from morning's fog.
    They pay The Garrey Owen.
    In the snows of the cold moons they play.
    Play for the son of the Morning Star. read more »

    Robert Sessions Smilie, Jr
  • 353.
    Energy Independence

    Nancy P.
    And Harry Reid
    Have a record to defend
    As they ascend read more »

    Sidi J. Mahtrow
  • 354.
    Going Ahead With It

    Professors have their most beautiful language,
    And the hidden cameras in the bedrooms of actresses
    With consumption,
    And they listen as if haunted by the marching step read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 355.
    My Cursed Blessing.

    She came to my life.
    One blessed day.
    My heart danced and my soul twirled.
    Even the sun came out to play. read more »

    Raouf Reda
  • 356.
    I Am

    I am now and then.
    I am your enemy and your friend.
    I am your alpha and your omega,
    your beginning and your end. read more »

    Phillip Mobley
  • 357.
    In the Furrows and the Littered Ruts

    We’re in Parkland, which trumps even Wellington:
    The people are bigger and smile affluently: They drive around
    In crashing space-ships, or they have entire China sets
    For knees and joints. I swear, one can get rich off them with read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 358.
    WHO knows?

    Did hands in white gloves bring forth Retro
    When A.C.S spread open her legs to be aborted of cancer?
    The answer, they say is
    hushed by the blasting thunder of silvery-clouds. read more »

    konye ori
  • 359.
    2000 Twelve (((READ WITH KNOWLEDGE)))

    One day soon the sky is going to fall,

    And for the human race there will be nothing to do at all. read more »

    Undiscovered Legend
  • 360.
    Sultry Summer's Evening

    A frail…old Negro lady
    …Born…in Lincoln's day
    Who knew the taste of freedom
    Only… when… she passed …away read more »

    James B. Earley
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