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Poems About: HOLOCAUST

In this page, poems on / about “holocaust” are listed.

  • 229.

    Intimate scrawls of thoroughbred warfare
    Enough nitroglycerine to share
    Carbonized misery intensely bleak
    Cold caliber heat read more »

    Pleasant Floyd
  • 230.
    For Those Whom the Bells Are Tolling ... (Apropos the Children Of War and Famine)

    The acid rains have come and gone
    Leaving nuclear winters
    Chasing the autumns of our lives. read more »

    Millard Lowe
  • 231.
    Contact With Outer Space

    How many surprises will the new millennium yield
    On this earthly orbiting planet
    Shall we really make contact with outer space
    How shall we greet them face to face Would it be with derision and atom blast read more »

    Tom W. Timms
  • 232.
    The Holocaust

    In a cold and silent world, weeping people wait,
    Hoping and praying to not face this solemn fate.

    But even thought they were quiet, as quite as they could be, read more »

    Brenda Kodesh
  • 233.
    shining light

    Shining Light

    Sometimes light in Algarve is too sharp I can see read more »

    oskar hansen
  • 234.
    sons are liars

    However ugly life appears
    to be it’s good: so wrote Isaiah
    Berlin to mollify the fears
    of his dear mother. Sons are liars. read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 235.
    Our Substitute

    Subsumed in Him, all human agony
    Was concentrated at Gethsemane.
    Mere language fails, all images exhaust,
    In view of Christ’s climactic holocaust. read more »

    Peter Eliastam
  • 236.

    Curb your pitbulls,
    You who taunt the Jews.
    Count cautiously
    The cost of your disaster. read more »

    Peter Eliastam
  • 237.
    The Forgotten One

    For that small sapling
    Who never had a voice
    Silently uttered cries ignored
    And forced to accept death without a choice read more »

    Joshua Mccoy
  • 238.
    Humble Lamb

    six o'clock
    again and again
    time comes back to me read more »

    Ahmad Shiddiqi
  • 239.
    An Apology on Behalf of the Human Race

    As the dignity of the human spirit never waned
    In the forlorn look on the Jewish face and their race
    As endured thru decades of the slime of degradation
    By Gestapo secret police who had no secrets of their damned intent read more »

    Ken e Hall
  • 240.

    Insane action
    What human could do this? read more »

    Emmanuel Stone
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