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2000 Twelve (((Read With Knowledge))) - Poem by Undiscovered Legend

One day soon the sky is going to fall,

And for the human race there will be nothing to do at all.

The shepherd will come down to take back what is his,

But the United States president will take a selfish risk.

To send Nuclear blasts torward the one that fed thousands

with bread and fish.

So the one will send his army of fallen angels that we didn't know exist,

They'll be 12 feet beast with 6 fingers,

And full of anger.

With there hand clinched holding the devils dagger.

Then we'll find ourselves at war with the heavens,

And the people who planned this war, planned september 11th.

It's crazy to think that this is really happening,

But the Final Chapters of earth are now unraveling.

Now far east,

The leader of all demon and hells beast will try and rise.

Coming up from Jerusalem,

Scaring the people by surprise.

Running around like chickens with there heads cut off,

Like if they saw the second coming of the German Holocaust.

And this is prophecy and also soon to be,

Because one of gods angels told me in my sleep.

Her last words were to me,


'The day all the Lords sheep will dwell, is December 21st 2012'

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