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Poems About: HISTORY

In this page, poems on / about “history” are listed.

  • 49.
    Love’s weight

    Happy love life emanating fresh like the precious plant germinating out of the fertile soil
    So fragile that any rough touch could spoil its growth
    So fragile that an unkind touch could spoil its tender liveliness
    So fragile that any lack of care could lead to death read more »

    Niki Nicholas Nkuna
  • 50.
    The History Ain't Bright...

    I'm here to warn you all of a teacher in your school,
    More foul than Simon Cowell and a dozen times more cruel,
    A schemer. A despot. A crafty student captor.
    Feasts on the fear of first years like some blonde velociraptor, read more »

    Mark Grist
  • 51.
    Avoiding History

    avoiding history is a family tradition,
    draft dodging, missing wars, as far
    back as my fathers go, I find
    no soldiers, no warriors and also read more »

    Jesse Weiner
  • 52.
    You Tell Me Of Your Australian History

    You tell me of your Australian history your ancestors were British and Irish pioneers
    But your history in this Land is not an old history just two centuries and twenty years
    And in time that may seem quite a long span though the combined life spans of three people nothing more
    Your ancestors hardly were Aussies they came here from a distant shore. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 53.
    Man In The Mirror...

    mystery man, history man, dangerous man,
    all that are man.
    but one man sang,
    mystery man, read more »

    Angel Diaz
  • 54.
    The history boy, the mystery boy

    The history boy, the mystery boy,
    has decided to bid us goodbye,
    always full of energy and enthusiasm,
    quite a source of inspiration and joy, read more »

    Sunny Mittal
  • 55.
    Athens Beckons!

    It is not just a fairy tale
    But true and very much real
    In the history of long long ago
    There flourished the glory of Athens read more »

    Rekha Mandagere
  • 56.
    Travel Haiku - Japan Outdoor Sand Museum

    Japan Sand Museum
    history abundant as
    the grain at our feet read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 57.
    Page of my History

    Some laughs some tears
    This is it, its what we feared

    We are going our separate ways read more »

  • 58.
    Stars Dont Know My Fate

    Tonight I make history
    and one day history will find me
    and haunt me...even write me
    in the pages of immortality read more »

    Jessel Jane Tevar
  • 59.
    History Stuff

    Magical Mystical history and mystery,
    Painted and woven on tablets and tapestry.

    Cave painted hunts and sand script on tombs, read more »

    Mark Fullick
  • 60.
    Tales of my past

    Don't write me down in history,
    In reference to my past deeds,
    Works I derived no joy from,
    Or mistakes of those years. read more »

    venessa ambrose
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