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The History Of Time, Life And The World - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

The history of earth, the existence of life on it, the circumstances of it,
The world spread over, I know them not,
What it is life, how the things of it, I know them not,
How earth has come up, what had it been before
And what it will be after, I know them not.

The history of the world, the history of life, who will tell me,
How did it come up, how was man born,
What is earth made of, where it lay in,
When things were not, when there was no life at all,
When earth was not, life was not.

The history of man, the history of earth,
The history of life, want I to know these,
Who will but tell me, as see I none by me to share with
And say to me, how had it been life,
How had it been earth and the conditions then?

The history of earth, the history of time, the history of life
Know I not, how had it been earth,
How had it been the life of man,
How had it been the world around
And the circumstances and situations compelling or prevailing around.

The history of time, life and the world, the more I tried to know, the more I could not,
As these will remain what had they been,
The history of man, life on earth and time ticking,
I know them not, nor can I say about these,
As things will remain shrouded in mystery.

When the world had not been, what had it been, when life had not been,
What was it, when man was not, life was not,
Consciousness not vibrating in the creature,
When earth had not been, and if it had been, life had not been on earth,
You say it to me, you say it to me,
I want to know these.

How was life created, how was man, how was earth, which came it first,
How was this green earth, how was man’s life,
How the world came up,
The history of man, the history of time and the history of the world,
I want to know, I want to know them,
Is there anyone to say to me,
What was it before?

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