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‘a Good Deed'! ! - Poem by guy lipmore

Pebbles and her hero friend were in shock,
When they called at the local pet shop.
Lip-More and his pal' were enraged,
Seeing all those animals caged.
Some thing had to be done,
So the pair hatched a cunning plan.!
Lip-More didn't need any one else for the job,
He trusted his mate Pebbles the Dog.
In and out, SAS style, during the daylight Sun,
All was prepared for operation ‘freedom'.
Suddenly the job came around too soon,
Then the operation was on one afternoon.
They causally entered the shop door,
Masks and Capes were worn by Pebbles and Lip-more.
Our hero, his crow bar was ready knowing what he had to do,
Pebbles had practiced her vital job too.
She snarled her teeth and kept the staff at bay,
Whilst Lip-More, the cage latches he started to bray.
She barked and growled like a ‘wind up' torch a bit,
Lip-More continued to liberate each cage and cabinet.

There was one hell of a noisy racket,
Squawks, barks, meows, hisses and a swearing parrot.
Pebbles was doing her part and kept her cool,
Some of the staff tried to run but Pebbles was no fool.
She headed them off and stood at the door,
None of them dared to try any more.!
Lip-More completely emptied the place,
He double checked every cage and case.
Our hero wished the shop staff 'good day',
Pebbles ‘marked' her patch which was the same in a way.!
Out the door, the ‘pets' were now running free,
Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and reptiles fled from captivity.

Pebbles lead the charge of freedom on to the streets,
Followed be Parrots, Budgies, Canaries and Ferrets.
Snakes slithered as fast as they could along the ground,
Above were Parakeets and Macaws each with a screeching sound.
Along with Gerbils, Mice, Dogs and Rats,
Love birds, Stick insects, and baby Cats.
Spiders spun webs as they fled,
The reptiles stopped awhile in the Sun and smiled instead.
Pebbles rallied the animals and orchestrated,
With her barks, growls and tail she directed.

Lip-More redirected the traffic,
So the animals wouldn't get harmed.
And reassured the worried public.
Some were getting quite alarmed.
After all there were creepy crawlies around their feet,
Snakes and Rats on the street.

Lip-More still was directing the traffic,
He said to Pebbles 'You've been terrific.'
Our hero had set up road blocks,
Pebbles hurried along the herds and flocks.
The animals were jumping, flying and crawling free,
Scattering in to the wild and liberty.

Pebbles and Lip-more stood at the top of Concord,
As all the animals ran to freedom down the road.
Pebbles and Lip-More stood. chins in the air so proud,
Lip-More picked up his pal' and shouted 'freedom' so loud.
Pebbles looked at him as if to say; 'Job well done, '! !
Lip-more said, 'Yep we pulled it off, it was a good one.'
Pebbles rejoiced with some beef and cheese,
Lip-More raised a glass of Rum and said, 'Cheers.'

Comments about ‘a Good Deed'! ! by guy lipmore

  • Veteran Poet - 1,073 Points Ray Quesada (10/22/2012 4:23:00 PM)

    you have a good sense of lyricism. and I love animals, so this poem was fun to read. (Report) Reply

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