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Poems About: HERO

In this page, poems on / about “hero” are listed.

  • 73.

    You are the hero in my life
    You've saved me so many times
    You are always there for me
    My life is so different because of you read more »

    Teasia Ruffin
  • 74.

    A lone hero walks this Earth
    He's been wandering since birth
    He fights with unwavering determination
    For the simple conservation read more »

    Steven Elsner
  • 75.
    The Clock Strikes 12 and The Moment is Gone

    A crooked smile
    Life of a person
    Sitting in denial
    Depression of spirits read more »

    Seairra Kyger
  • 76.
    Stages Of A Hero

    A hero is on the stage,
    He lends a hand to the war.
    One man to find a weapon,
    Infidels manage death on him, the hero. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 77.
    A Hero Can Be Anyone

    If anyone can be a hero
    why should you lie
    keep your lips silent
    and hide in the shadows around read more »

    Obrayan Martinez
  • 78.
    A Hero

    In the peace that swishes forevermore
    Panic, destruction, death, making slow go
    With no control in thy million year war
    Leaving peace to go and hero to show read more »

    Ghost Poet
  • 79.
    Dear Daddy

    Dear Daddy,
    Will you come back home,
    Mommies always crying,
    I ask why, read more »

    Shay Shankar
  • 80.
    Could I ever be your hero?

    In those desolate nights,
    When life is of fright and fear,
    The curtains waving dramatically,
    The moon darkening slowly, read more »

    Gaylord Munemo
  • 81.
    My Hero

    Please send me a hero
    One who can save me
    From judgement and scrutiny
    From hatred, and mutiny read more »

    LilkittenZ Sociopath
  • 82.

    Heroes poem by Lee Howlett

    I meet my heroes on the day i was born read more »

    Lee Howlett
  • 83.
    my hero

    my time of need
    your there
    i cry
    you shield me read more »

  • 84.
    The moment of zero

    It is the moment of zero
    You had to be hero
    You had to be brave
    And like a real man behave read more »

    Shahad Raad
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