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The Hero - Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

I am a hero
I laid my life for the country
For my honor
I was taught
Heroes die in the battlefield
Stories of valor
Of courage and pride
What is my living?
I gave life for my honor
I was buried with honor
My wife proud
My children mourned
My body in a flag
A salute by the soldiers
My love, my young wife…
We meet in paradise
For I m a martyr
The wife proud
A gallant husband she had
And then
Days later
Some vultures around
Seek the fortune
The martyr’s fortune
In the ‘state house’
The officers had told
They can live as long as they want
The sate house
Made of mud
A broken door
There was a veil, and behind the veil
There were few chairs,
The chairs covered with a red cloth
From the dust
On the wall hung two portraits
A handsome man
Our hero, who was to rest
His father’s portrait
Pride in his eyes
As if he knew
He was father of the hero…..
An old lady
My son,
He did every thing gallantly
His fortune, he earned from pure money
For he had served abroad…
The vultures around
To rob her of her and nieces possession
The children of the hero
From the Dickens’s novels
We have no money
Now we sell the treasure
The vultures with different names
Hovering in the sky
The hero is dead
His family robbed of their treasure
His children growing to be beggars
There are only two portraits
The possession of the family
The hero and his pure money
His wife beautiful
And his children baggers
So is the plight
Of my heroes
The hero in his grave,
With wounds afresh
And a flag around him
If I was alive….
All the vultures….
His beautiful wife and his children begging

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