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Poems About: HERO

In this page, poems on / about “hero” are listed.

  • 37.

    My hero doesn't fly,
    Isn't really strong,
    Doesn't swing from a web,
    Isn't brave enough. read more »

    Alicia Meyers
  • 38.
    My Hero Is My Dad

    My hero is my dad,
    my hero is always in my heart,
    my hero is always by my side
    when I'm going through hard times, read more »

    Jan Kurlapski
  • 39.
    Prophecy For Story Percy Jackson And The Olympians

    Hero saved from brothers mighty hand

    you must decide where you stand read more »

    Ryan Brodesser
  • 40.
    The Hero

    The hero in my life
    Is not fictional
    The hero in my life
    Is so far away read more »

    Julia Harner
  • 41.

    They say hero's are great,
    But then why do we wait,
    For one to come,
    When a criminal's on the run read more »

    Nicholas Hrynchuk
  • 42.
    When Heros falls

    when ur hero falls
    when ur hero falls from grace
    all fairy tales are uncovered
    myths exposed & pain magnified read more »

    Funmbi Aransiola
  • 43.
    My hero

    i cant breath,
    suffocating in the ugliness of my world.
    Your my air when there is none,
    your my hero read more »

    McKenzie Mickey
  • 44.
    My Hero

    The one on whom I’ve always set my gaze
    You are my Hero
    You get me going
    My Hero. read more »

    Bamisaye Adeniran
  • 45.

    In fields of white crosses our heroes lay
    In tombs marked with boldness
    The courage they displayed
    So let's remember in every way read more »

    C. Albert Andrews
  • 46.
    Mr. Hero

    I found this hero today.
    They looked right through me,
    As though I were invisible.
    They never noticed me, read more »

    Shannon Nicole
  • 47.
    Heroes Are Born Within

    Heroes won't exist
    As long as hesitancy persists
    No capes will flow
    If our willingness to accept doesn't show read more »

    Steven Elsner
  • 48.
    If You Have Your Own Heroes

    If you have your own heroes well that suits me fine
    But your sort of heroes will never be mine
    For you sort of heroes they chase a football
    And stories of their greatness you often recall. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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