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Poems About: HEAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “heaven” are listed.

  • 337.
    Needing An Angel

    Empty and lost
    in this nightmare,
    Tears caress my cheeks,
    crying for an angel's whisper read more »

    Natalie Hawksley
  • 338.
    “Heavens to Betsy''

    “Heavens to Betsy”, has prompted this question
    What about Betsy caused this expression?
    How did she rate this “promised-land” present?
    This gift from the Gods so particularly pleasant read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 339.
    Little Bluebird

    Perched upon my windowsill
    Singin” a early morning melody read more »

    Carolyn Sears
  • 340.

    May the Lord be my shepherd
    you can guide me to heaven
    I would never be saved
    if it were not for you. read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 341.
    Heaven and Hell

    the gambling house
    god is outside
    who would win his abode read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 342.
    The Vow

    You are my reward
    From the heavens above
    To have you in my life
    Though we are apart read more »

    Rhea Topacio
  • 343.
    Heaven Of GOD

    I do not desire a heaven of God
    I am unhappy with His world of war
    Planet is trembling, God is smiling
    Peace has no place, it is fugitive. read more »

    Ershad Mazumder
  • 344.
    Dose heaven know

    dose heaven know you belong to me?
    dose heaven know do the angel see?
    why so fast, why this early,
    why take you life, why they set my tears dropping free, read more »

    Reggie fambro mcclain III
  • 345.
    The Gates to Heaven

    The gates to heaven
    is wide open...
    For me to walk
    through it. read more »

    lisa parks
  • 346.
    I know I belongs to you

    I know I belongs to you & always you take care of me
    I don’t know where is heaven and where is the hell
    I think here is the heaven and here is hell
    I want to live in heaven and I have to come back to you read more »

    janardan bramhachari
  • 347.
    Heaven Help Us

    Heaven help us,
    hear our echo cries.
    heaven help us,
    while were trapped inside. read more »

    Brandon Walker
  • 348.
    Goodbye Sweetheart

    Goodbye my darling we're parting
    I know this will break your heart
    Sweet Jesus just told me this morning
    That tomorrow we must part My mother is dead and in heaven read more »

    Clair Forney
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