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A Singer Of My Heart - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

A singer of heart am I as keep I singing the songs of heart and love,
The love of mother, the love of father,
The love of sister, the love of brother,
As my heart their heart, my love their love.

A singer of love, go I singing on the ways of life
And to go, to go my name
And the day stop I, take it for
That the singer is not,

Has gone away,
Away and away from here
Where you cannot reach,
Nor has anyone so far.

A singer of heart am I singing the songs of love
As and when filling it with emotions and feelings
And I yearning to express before, put on
The things going within,

My love, your soul,
My heart, my feelings,
The things of my heart,
My soul.

A singer of heart am I, a singer of soul am I
As sing I so heartfully, so much so soulfully,
As your love, my love
And my love, your love,

My heart, your heart,
Your heart, my heart,
As keep I singing,
As go I singing my songs

The songs of my heart,
The songs of my soul,
My soul and heart, my heart and soul,
Going and singing

The world knows it not
That he is a singer,
But sing I too
Smearing with my joys and sorrows.

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