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Poems About: HEART

In this page, poems on / about “heart” are listed.

  • 361.
    The Heart

    The Heart feels not what we love, but what loves us
    The Heart feels not what we feel, but what what is felt for us
    The Heart feels not the pain we cause, but the pain caused for us
    The Heart feels not what we desire, but what desires us read more »

    Melissa Atkinson
  • 362.
    Broken Heart'''''

    I hurt inside
    My heart is broken
    in two... read more »

    Tracey Collins
  • 363.

    Of money, credit, or coin
    for giving, getting, or guarding
    the Coldness of the heart. read more »

    Helen C Capan
  • 364.
    Free to Love Again

    My love for you just keeps growing
    I still can't believe how har
    I fell for you
    My heart breaks every time read more »

    Grace Hays
  • 365.
    the mercy of my heart

    the mercy of my heart,
    is at your hands,
    the hold you have on it,
    is too tight of a grip to loose it, read more »

    Taylor B. Mark
  • 366.
    Giving my fears

    Against an attacker I will boldly take my stand
    because my heart will show fear for no man
    but for a broken heart I run with fright
    scared to be blind in a vulnerable night read more »

    joshua reid
  • 367.
    Behind Our Hearts

    Behind our hearts theres words unsaid
    Like the word of how we feel for each other
    Neither one of us said we loved each other read more »

    connie Engstrom
  • 368.
    You are

    You are my dream my hearts desire
    You’re the one that lit my hearts fire
    You alone make my heart beat
    You’re the one that brings this heat read more »

    foxy babii
  • 369.
    ’’A Walk With You’’

    A Walk With You
    A Hand In Hand
    A Heart In Heart
    A Mind In Peace read more »

    Latasha Dixon
  • 370.
    Wise Pain

    I told my heart bring happiness in life.
    I told my heart bring smiles in life.
    I told my heart bring colors in life.
    I told my heart bring celebrations in life. read more »

    Kranthi Pothineni
  • 371.
    Two Hearts

    Two hearts to tie a knot
    Two hearts bind by the will of God
    Two hearts who share life together
    Through thick & thin will be there forever. read more »

    Amor Olorvida
  • 372.


    Because I'm so in pain
    my heart is aching because you put me to shame read more »

    jenny sar
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